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Well, we hope you are all enjoying the celebrations that occur at this time of year. We just get over all the Christmas parties then, whoa! We  go and do it all again on New Year’s Eve! Many make New Year’s resolutions, and others just keep on rolling. Mine is definitely going to be to aim to get a lot fitter!  I’ve said this before, but something has to be done: those 20 fruit mince pies are just about starting to show!

I noticed this when we attended ‘My Sisters Wardrobe’s’ Christmas party. I was busy trying to SQUASH myself into a ‘wiggle dress’, when I could practically hear ‘THE SON’S’ voice echoing in my ears “MUM! That dress is way too tight!” But no! I wasn’t listening and proceeded to enjoy the bubbles and lots of delicious sweet fancies provided by Amanda, Sugar Plum Bakery. Hey, we were celebrating, so why not have TEN? There were specials for the ladies and you could get your hair done in a vintage style by Elyan. Lots of fun and retail therapy for the girls.

Later that week, we all arrived at the Dolphin Marine Magic Pet Porpoise Pool, ready to party. The BWN, along with Zonta and BPW joined forces to have a Magic Twilight Soiree. Definitely something different for a Christmas event, for sure. The ladies were all dressed up to party, and party they sure did! The decorations were twinkling, the food was scrumptious (just a few too many garlic prawns!) The entertainment was fabulous and under the mistletoe. I got kissed by a SEAL!

More celebrations were to be had at the Coffs Harbour Chamber of Commerce and NextGen Leaders Christmas party, held at the Novotel Pacific Bay Resort. Entertaining the guests was local songstress Kate Southwell, who has recently signed a record deal in LA. Drinkies and delicious canapés, along with a lot of laughter and good fun thrown in for good luck, made for a great night out. Meant to be for the under forties, but I’ve been invited back (things are looking up!) They do say that putting on a bit of weight on the face smoothes out the fine lines and makes you look younger? Did someone mention CANAPÉS?

Rotary Woolgoolga held a charity auction and cinema showing of the film Life of Pi. The event was to raise money for the Ashley Haven Orphanage. The Orphanage was started three years ago in Ethiopia, by local Coffs Coast woman Sheridan Blayney. It is home to 11 children and employs 5 staff members, including ex-fistula patients from the Hamlin Fistula foundation, Ethiopia. Sheridan is trying to raise funds necessary to purchase a minivan for the dual purposes of transportation for the kids, as well as income generation for the orphanage by using it as a shuttle bus/taxi around the town. The night was a great success, raising close to $3,000. For more information about the cause, contact Sheridan at

We recently attended the Coffs Harbour Bunker Cartoon Gallery for a sensational exhibition. Along with the viewing of the artwork, there were of course bubbles and fine wine for guests. There was a fabulous mini buffet of cocktail food, oh dear! I could hear ‘THE SON’S’ rude warnings of over indulgence in my ears again. One of the artists was local cartoonist Jules Faber. When he was addressing the eclectic crowd, he spoke about his work for the last 5 years as a daily editorial cartoonist with local newspapers and about the creation of his multi award winning comic strip, MiBraine. He then went on to speak about his work branching into children’s book illustration, showing examples from a trilogy created with local author Robyn McLennan. Jules is the President of the Australian Cartoonists Association, which is the world’s oldest cartoonist’s organisation, and he is a resident of the Coffs Coast.

The show, as part of a multi-artist exhibition, will be viewed until Australia Day at the Bunker Cartoon Gallery.

I attended the reopening launch of Cocoa in Coffs Harbour. Guests spilled out onto the street, while enjoying fine food and drinks provided by the fabulous chefs of this super popular café restaurant. Can’t wait to sample their new menu over the holiday period; I hear it’s absolutely scrumptious.

We joined Amanda Scott for a festive lunch, and she let me into a little secret. Boy are we are in for a treat in the New Year! Seacrest  Productions will be presenting two completely different theatrical pieces in the same week. The first is in the tradition of the classic pantomime, The SeaWitch and the Magic Cave written by Amanda Scott and directed by Belinda Lemair. This will be performed twice daily at 11am and 1.30pm on January 17, 18 and 19; adults $10 and children only $6. For a more adult taste is our evening production of Sleuth, a Tony award winning play written by Anthony Shaffer. This play was touted the world’s greatest thriller. This one runs on the 18 and 19 of Jan at 8pm and Jan 20 at 2pm.  Always something entertaining happening at our local theatre!

Well, back to New Year’s resolutions. ‘THE SON’ has promised to keep his room tidy and help around the house, while ‘THE HUSBAND’ has assured me that his garage (men’s cubby house) will be sparkling for the new year and we will be able to actually find stuff! Sure, sure – pigs might fly! I voiced this thought and informed them that I am only interested in what is actually possible! When suddenly, ‘THE SON’ managed to lose one thousand brownie points in one fell swoop. It went like this, “Hey Mum, you know that wiggle dress you wanted to try and fit into for New Year?” (Now, ‘THE HUSBAND’ looked panicked and gave him the OMG look), but off the daft teenager went into a more dangerous territory than anything ever seen on his Playstation! “Well, there’s absolutely no way you’ll be getting into that! Especially after all you’ve been eating! Oh, maybe if you get some of those fat pants … you know, the ones that suck all the flubber in, it’s definitely possible!”

Lucky he can run really fast! Here is to letting it all hang out. Mince pies and all!

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