4D Ride Simulator, NOW OPEN at The Big Banana Fun Park!

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Triotech, market leaders in design, development and manufacturing of multi-sensory interactive attractions have completed the installation of a new XD Theatre at The Big Banana Fun Park. 

This 4D Ride Simulator is not only a great addition to the variety of attractions the Coffs Coast has to offer for tourism in the area but it also provides a unique experience for locals, as this 4D Ride Simulator is the only one of its kind between Sydney and the Gold Coast. 

The 4D Ride Simulator includes eight mechanical seats with independent movement control, lighting and wind effects, an advanced 3D projection system and the latest 4D Ride Simulator movies available, which makes it one of the most immersive 4D Ride Simulator experiences available. The intimate eight-seat theatre provides a much more realistic experience than other larger installations around the world.  

Featuring four of the latest 4D Ride Simulator films in the world, including:

Moon Thunder

A routine moon mission turns into crisis when a meteor shower strikes hard. Survival depends on a fast emergency evacuation! Join our astronaut crew in this thrilling escape from the collapsing surroundings of the moon base. Will you reach the escape pod in time?

Dino Safari 2

Dino Safari 2 is the thrilling new ride-film from Red Star 3D and the sequel to the smash-hit DINO SAFARI. Simulator riders return to the same dinosaur safari park from the first film, but the tranquillity of the tour is shattered when a poacher abducts a baby dinosaur and we race off in a high-speed pursuit. Will we survive a barrage of deadly dinosaur encounters to free the captive creature and escape?


Hot steam, menacing machines and a giant robot out of control! It’s a dangerous mix that might overwhelm even the most seasoned adventurer.

Join our mad professor on a perilous journey through his magnificent Machinarum. Can he shut the robot down before it’s too late?

Wild West Mine Ride

Get ready for an action-packed ride with a luckless Sheriff and his trusty steed as they chase a ruthless bank robber through the Wild West. Will the bungling duo survive the runway mine cart ride and bring the bandit to justice?

These films have been chosen to ensure we are catering for the different age groups that visit the park; from our younger visitors through to the young at heart, there is something for everyone.

The Big Banana Fun Park General Manager Michael Lockman said he had worked on getting a 4D Ride Simulator attraction for five years before sourcing the right product for the park. 

“In late 2016, we visited IAAPA in Orlando, Florida, which is the largest amusement exhibition in the world; this is where we met the team from Triotech and were able to experience the simulator first hand,” Mr Lockman said. 

“Triotech have installations all over the world, including Warner Brothers, Lego Land, Universal Studios, Heide Park and many more. 

“We were very impressed with the product and their track-record in the industry. 

“We are very excited to be able to bring this state-of-the-art experience to the Coffs Coast.” 

The 4D Ride Simulator is the sixth newest attraction added to the park in the last five years. Laserforce Laser Tag Arena was introduced in 2013, a 36-hole Mini Golf course in 2014, the biggest Water Park between Sydney and the Gold Coast in 2015, the biggest Giant Slide in the country and Go Bananas Fun Zone in 2017, and now the 4D Ride Simulator in 2018. 

The Big Banana Fun Park Sales and Events Coordinator Nadia Friend said the 4D Ride Simulator is a unique addition to the park.  

“We are so excited to have opened a new attraction just in time for the summer holidays,” Miss Friend said. 

“It’s a thrilling experience with the latest technology.  

“The feedback we have received from locals on the Coffs Coast and tourists is it’s a must-try.”

These great attractions complement the existing ones, including the Ice Skating Rink, Toboggan Ride and World of Bananas Theatre & Tour Experience and the existing facilities such as Going Bananas Café, our Gift and Souvenir Shop, The Candy Making Kitchen, Opal Centre and Cheesemaking Workshop. 

In 2019, we will welcome a whole new experience to the Fun Park, Steve McEwan’s Reptile World!   

For more information on all of the exciting rides and attractions that The Big Banana Fun Park has to offer, visit www.bigbanana.com or drop in at any time to check it out for yourself. 

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