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A Born and bred local, teenager Abbe Sweetman has been taking the world by storm with her modelling career. Now based in Newcastle, Abbe stops by for a chat about where the industry has taken her so far.

What first drew you to modelling?

Honestly, being able to dress up in clothes I wouldn’t normally wear or ever be able to afford and being in front of an audience. I was kind of young when I started, as you may be able to tell.

This came from being involved in a fun Model for Life Competition. It was here I realised that I really wanted to pursue modelling further.

> What was your first job in the industry?

My first modelling experience was a catwalk final at the Opera House as a part of the competition I entered for the New Face of Moda Management, which I surprisingly won.

My first paid job was for on the Mornings with Kerrie Ann Show, modelling Alex Perry dresses. Not only was it scary, as it was my first real job, but it was made even more so by being aired live.

> Who are some of your industry idols?

I would have to say Miranda Kerr and Jessica Hart. Miranda Kerr is just so beautiful inside and out and takes her success as a gift.

Jessica Hart took something that is not usually considered as beautiful and made it just that. Her gap between her front teeth is what made her signature. It is their down to earth personality that inspires me.

> Tell us about some of the labels and companies you have worked for.

I have modelled for Jynx, Supre, Wayne Cooper, Alex Perry, Henry Roth, TAFE Institute of Design, Toni and Guy, National Breast Cancer Foundation, a bunch of Chinese labels and magazines from my 2 months in Beijing and have been lucky enough to be shot by famous photographers like Nick Leary. Recently I did a hair show tour for Valonz Hairdresser, where my hair was dyed blue for a few weeks.

> What is the best thing about your job?

The wide variety of things that I get to partake in each day. No day is ever the same.

> What’s the best or craziest experience you’ve ever had on the job?

The best experience would have to be being able to go and model in China for 2 months. It was such a different experience that I could ever imagined. The craziest experience also comes from China. I never thought you could do a fridge catwalk show where you had to pose next to the fridge. It was definitely an experience to remember.

> You’ve made a TV appearance on Home and Away. Tell us about that.

It was loads of fun being a featured extra. It was quite surreal being on the set with the actors and knowing that the actual room was just created by three walls and some furniture.

Surprisingly, the atmosphere was very relaxed and fun loving, even though they have to work very quickly to get the right shots for the screen.

> Are there any other acting stints we should know about?

Nothing quite as popular as Home and Away, but I have done two or three TV commercials such as a Nintendo Wii Commercial that aired in the US. One should actually go to air in the near future for Ford.

> What does your role with the National Breast Cancer Association involve?

I first became involved with the National Breast Cancer Association by winning the Face of Moda Management in 2006, where I also became the Youth Ambassador as a part of the title.

Basically, my role is to raise awareness of breast cancer in the younger generation, as statistics show that in some point in our lives we will be affected by breast cancer, either ourself or someone close to us. It is great to be a part of something so special, but that is also close to my heart, as my mother is a survivor of breast cancer.

> You’re not just a pretty face; what are you studying at uni?

I am currently studying a Combined Bachelor Degree of Business / Commerce. It’s great, as I can learn about the behind the scenes of business, which in turn can be applied to the modelling industry.

> Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Still involved in the modelling industry. Hopefully still enjoying being able to model but also being a part of the behind the scenes of modelling in an agency, putting my business skills to use.

> What’s your advice to aspiring models?

Keep at it. As a model you constantly face rejection for the tiniest things that you cannot change, such as having blue eyes instead of brown. You can’t let that rejection get to you, because you never know when something will come up and surprise you.

> Thank you Abbe.

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