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Alpha Wolves Kickboxing offers group fitness classes that are designed around a training system using the best methods for body fat loss, strength and athletic development, cardiovascular health and overall wellbeing. FOCUS had a chat to owner Matt Castor to find out more.

So you decided to move to the Coffs Coast three years ago; why the move?

Well, my wife and I are originally from Sydney and after getting married, we came to Coffs to visit some of my family who had also moved here a few years before. We had planned to stop in and possibly move further north, but we instantly fell in love with the area. That was it – we went back to Sydney, packed our bags, and moved. We found the Coffs Coast was the perfect area to start a family, and a year and a half ago we had our first little boy, Jesse.

What is Alpha Wolves Kickboxing, and how did it all come about?

Back in Sydney, I was working in a big name commercial gym as a personal trainer for six years – specialising in Muay Thai Kickboxing, Strength and Conditioning and Athletic Development.

When the AWK concept came about, we wanted to create a unique training experience, taking a little bit from what was already available and putting it all under the same roof – elements from a commercial gym, group training, CrossFit box and martial arts studio and combining them to create consistently fresh and different classes. This way our members never find the training to be boring or stale.

As a young married couple, how do you manage to juggle a one year old AND starting a new business?

Coffee. Lots of coffee. We also participate in our own training, which is a great stress relief! After having Jesse, I wanted to create something I could be proud of and somewhere I enjoyed going every day … A place where he could grow up with a cool positive community of people around him. He makes regular appearances at the gym and is a big hit with the ladies.

What types of classes do you offer?

Currently we offer three types of classes: “Alpha Muay Thai, “Alpha Strength”, and “Alpha Spartan”.”Alpha Strength” is a strength and conditioning class with a focus on functional training methods for body fat loss, strength and fitness gains.

Our “Alpha Muay Thai” kickboxing class is for those wanting to learn the art of eight limbs, a new discipline in self-defence and an all-out complete body workout.

These two training styles have seen our members achieve some incredible results both in a physical and fitness capacity – something we are really proud of.

Our last class, “Alpha Spartan”, has just been added to our timetable – another strength and conditioning class, but at a much higher intensity, for those who want to be pushed hard, challenge themselves, get in, get it done, and crawl out.

Outside of the class environment we also offer personal training and one-on-one kickboxing, Alpha Pups and Junior Wolves (kids’ classes) as well as corporate and sports team training packages.

What makes you different to other types of group training and gyms who offer class based fitness?

When we developed AWK, we wanted to incorporate an online booking system so that we would know who would be attending each class. That way we have the ability to tailor our training and cater to the individual’s health and fitness goals and current fitness level. We also make sure that every single class is different.

Those who have a good understanding of fitness and how the body responds to physical exercise will know that doing the same workout routine over and over can lead to disheartening plateaus. That’s why we have developed our training to forever evolve and keep the body guessing and to move forward to getting the best results, whether it be fat loss, strength gains, increased muscle mass or athletic development and peak physical performance.

Can you be a beginner to start? 

Absolutely! And we encourage it. These classes are for all different levels of fitness and physical ability, from beginner to advanced. Although you may be in a class environment, every workout is yours. We encourage our members to train/learn at their own pace, have fun, all while being supported by us and our other amazing members.

What plans do you have for 2018/2019?

Since we have only been open since September last year, this year is all about putting back into the business by expanding our equipment range to keep up with the ever evolving fitness industry. We want to make sure our members get the best fitness product available.

We’ve also already made changes to our timetable to better suit our members by introducing new classes both now and in the future. We are currently registering to be a provider for the “Active Kids” NSW government rebate program, which begins in March this year. This is a great incentive for kids to get active and learn something new in a fun and safe environment.

How can we find out more about the classes and how to join?

All information on our classes and timetable, pricing and contact information is available on our website: 

There is also a link to a FREE WEEK PASS for those who want to give it a go and see what we are all about.

Thanks Matt.

Alpha Wolves Kickboxing
3/27 Craft Close, Toormina

0407 557 080.

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