Amy & Graeme Wright

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Amy and Graeme Wright are the owners of local streetwear store, Edegrees. They have the best range of footwear and streetwear on the North Coast. Focus had a chat to the successful couple to find out more …

What is your connection to the Coffs Coast?

We’ve both grown up in the area and are proud to call the Coffs Coast our home. We enjoy travelling, but it’s nice to come home to such a beautiful place.

Tell us about your business and what you specialise in.

We are a streetwear store specialising in footwear, clothing and records and other fun stuff. Over the years, we have worked very hard to build a collection of labels that reflect our passion for street culture. We like to be individual; why copy the store around the corner – that’s unoriginal and boring! Our most specialised area would be footwear. Our labels are some of the biggest and most popular in the world: Nike, Adidas, Converse, Dr Martens and Vans. We focus on the street fashion side of these labels and offer styles that no one else in Coffs Harbour can. Most people will have also noticed we share our space with some of the Coffs Coast’s most talented barbers. Tim from Turnstyles Barbers shares our passion for street culture; this collaboration sets us apart from the rest and has created an amazing atmosphere in our store.

You have recently closed the doors to your Coffs Central store. Why?

It’s a lot of work having your own business, but add in a second location, and your workload doubles. It’s been 10 years of having two stores, and we just felt like it was time. At some point you need to put your family first! Amy has lost both her parents to cancer in recent years, and it makes you realise that life’s short! Our Park Beach Plaza store has always been the stronger store, and we decided it was time to simplify our lives and downsize. We now have more time to focus on our business and time to spend with our kids, making memories and enjoying some quality family time. It wasn’t an easy decision to make, but now we look back and are so glad we did it!

Have you got any new plans happening in 2017?

We might have a few things up our sleeves, but for now we are focusing on our footwear section. Having recently taken a trip to the US, we spent a bit of time watching people’s feet! The sneaker industry is fascinating. Sneakers can be highly collectable, and people will pay big money for rare Nikes and Adidas from years gone by. These brands have created a lifestyle for people, and this is something we want to bring to Coffs Harbour. We want our customers to be as passionate about their shoe collections as we are of ours.

What are the fashion trends for winter?

Well, you’ve probably already noticed pink is in! Pastel colours are very prominent this winter in clothing and footwear. Lighter, washed out, torn denim is also in the mix. Many footwear labels are seeing a resurrection of historic profiles, Vans with The Old Skool or Adidas with The Gazelle or Superstar. Converse One Stars are also making a comeback.

What makes your business different to other businesses in the same industry?

Hmm … Well, I guess the fact that we strive for individuality and uniqueness to give our store its own identity. Being different to other stores is important to us; it makes us work harder! Because we are an independent store, we can, more or less, stock whatever we want, so this gives us the freedom to keep an eclectic mix, hopefully making your visit to eDegrees an interesting one! Whether it’s Calvin Klein underwear you’re after or your favourite NBA player as a figurine, a quirky book or a pair of bright and crazy socks, hopefully you’ll find something cool in our store! We don’t want to be just another clothing store. Retail has changed, so in order to compete with online shopping you have to make your customers’ shopping experience a unique one. Great products, great service and a welcoming smile!

Where else can we find more information?

We are trying to focus some time on building our online presence. Most of our time is spent posting on Instagram, so follow us; you won’t regret it!

Thanks Amy and Graeme.

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