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Ever spent Saturday afternoon trying to put together an over complicated piece of badly designed furniture? Cristina Pell has tackled this problem head on and has created a line of furniture that draws inspiration from Viking construction methods. FOCUS chatted with the designer to find out more.

What is “EkokidSpaced In” about?

Outspoken Kids Furniture With A Dose Of Quirkiness.

EkokidSpaced In is fun, edgy, no screws kids furniture.

STEP ASIDE hubby, Mum can do this!

Made to be easily assembled in five steps, with a solid, durable structure and attractive design for kids.

Each model has a story behind it, so they double as an interactive, multipurpose and educational product. More than furniture, it boosts a child’s imagination through play and promotes interaction.

The Creature Desk is a secret hide out for the super hero kid, a cubby house, or even a small bed for a toddler with a nappy changer on the top.

Oskar the bear is very hungry but friendly; he ate a Salmon! He loves bear hugs and let’s you ride on his back and play with his whiskers.

These desks tell a story and their design casts a cool shadow, but are also awesome for homework and crafts. They are so versatile! Life’s made easier.

Designed and Made in Australia.

How was EkokidSpaced In born?

I felt very frustrated with time-consuming furniture that took ages to assemble and made with short lifetime quality materials. This inspired me to create quirky furniture for my daughters, by streamlining the process in an imaginative way, inspired by Viking joinery and construction methods of using wooden pegs instead of screws.

A furniture line was born, easy to maintain, with endurance to handle kids’ active lifestyles and interactive playtime. With my background in Industrial Design and a love for creating, small to medium size products that inspire imagination, stimulate fun play time with a good dose of functionality, resulted in a bold product with minimal steps for assembly … Providing fun for our children and peace of mind for parents.

How has the feedback been so far?

Great! Children absolutely love it. It is a lot of fun seeing their faces and how they interact with the tables. Mums love it too! They find it very easy to assemble; frustration free. It comes with the added benefit that the kids think Mum’s so cool, because she discovered an awesome, edgy, fun piece of furniture for them.

Do you have more designs that we can look forward to?

Sure do! I have four at the moment and two more coming out very soon; fingers crossed, for one before Christmas.

Where do find your inspiration?

I observe and try to fill a blank. Designing for children allows you to see the world through their eyes and make it work through your adult brain. There’s a lot of room to create when designing for children.

I like to brew the ideas for a while and then draw … a lot! It really helps me transfer the idea and work out options. I’ve found it works far better, in development stage, to have loud music either on my earplugs or on the speakers. Sometimes, if there’s no one home, I dance. It helps me to put me in high spirits. True story.

What do you love about design?

The challenge, the journey of problem solving, and the creation. I love it. I really can feel the brain working and it can be a (healthy) addiction. Design is a beautiful thing; it adds benefits and beauty to your life in a smart, subtle way. Also, design can be expressed in so many ways; it is not contained and provides a lot of freedom for creation in the most different areas.

Plans for 2017?

Creating and designing. At this point I’m thinking of doing a collection for each product and then going with the flow. Keep tuned! More products coming!

If you’re interested in doing a “collab”, send me an email, and let’s see what a bit of brainstorming can do!

Any advice for aspiring designers?

Observe, observe, observe and then research, draw and be willing to evolve. Be curious. Find your unique gift. Learn the mediums you need to work with. Knowledge doesn’t take up room in the brain. Solve a problem – a pain point. Simplify. Doesn’t have to be over complicated, but if it is, make it simpler. And of course, test it. It is so much fun!

Where can we find you?

You can find me online on, Facebook www.facebook/ekokidspacedin and on Instagram @ekokidspacedin.

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Pick up is available if you live in the area. (This will save you freight costs.)

If you’d like to see more of the products, jump over to the website.

Lay-by is also available for the tables; click on the lay-by tab on the website to check the flexible T&Cs.

Anything you’d like to add?

A little gift for you – for FOCUS readers – a 10% discount valid ‘til November 30th.

Apply at checkout: FOCUSNOV

Thanks Cristina.

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