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Bluejuice are set to entertain their fans again with their sizziling 2011 tour. Teaming up with Philidelphia Grand Jury and Purple Sneakers DJs this time as they embark on their tour of the East Coast.

So Blue Juice are coming to Coffs Harbour in January, whats the occasion?

We are heading there for the Sizzling 2011 tour, which kicks off late December.

> Whats your role in the band?

I am one of the two vocalists. There is also drums, bass and the two vocalists.

> Bluejuice has won a few awards and accolades these pass few years, how does that help with momentum and driving the band?

Well you don’t expect them, they either come or they don’t, we don’t make a big deal out of it. Its nice to get nominated and win.

For us this is our career, so making to songs and getting them out quickly is what really drives us. Being able to tour off the back of that is great.

There was a good 7 years of slogging it out without any real success so when we finally got to making great music and seeing the work come to fruition is what has driven us.

Last year we went oversea’s for the fist time and we really want to make this third album as good as it can be. So its the accomplishment of little goals that has driven us from year to year.

> You seem like you have a great time on stage.

We want to be an entertaining band, we don’t just wanna stand there on stage and sing.

Last year when we did the Sizziling tour we did it with Yves Klein Blue – who put on a great show, and this year it is Philidelphia Grand Jury who we think are one of the best live bands in the country. Its gonna be a great tour this year.

> They say you are hot favourites as far as a live band goes for entertainment – how do you prepare for the live events.

We just rehearse, rehearse rehearse. We also think about what costumes we might need or props to make sure the show is entertaining.

We like to make sure the set is run well, and people remain engaged and we’re not doing all the popular songs at one time – we try to weave in the new stuff.

We think we have it down to a bit of an art.

> What do you love about being on tour with other bands, this year you are with Philedelphia J & Purple Sneekers Djs.

Specifically with Philly J and Jim from Purple Sneekers, we close friends with those guys so we know we’ll have fun. They are brining their surf boards and I have my basketball and we’ll party and hit the beach – this tour is a bit of a holiday for us.

> This has been big year for Bluejuice, what do you have planned for 2011 after the tour ends?

We’re finishing off our next record, which we started recording in the last few weeks. So February and March we will still be recording, we’ll probably put a single out around then too. Then we’ll be back on the road again after that. We just want to make sure this next album is a good as it can be

> Whats the content like on the new album? What kind of music is it?

Theres a lot of 70s and 80s classic pop and then the other half is 90s R & B 90s Dance, combined with the modern production and dance production is going to make it a pretty good album.

Its still a bit of party the record, but there are some quieter moments as well.

> Thanks Stav, we look forward to seeing you in January.

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