Coffs APA: Coffs Athletic Performance Academy

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Coffs Athletic performance Academy in Lawson Cres is paving the way in Strength and Conditioning on the Coffs Coast. Boasting over 400 Sqm of floor space, decked out with lifting platforms, sled track and wall to wall gear, it is hard not to be impressed when you first walk in the garage door. 

Coffs APA caters to athletes and individuals who are serious about their training and results. We are nothing like a normal gym. We offer intelligently programmed, effectively administered strength and conditioning training, catering to individuals committed to reaching their full potential as an athlete and human being. 

Founded into 2011 by Head Coach Chris Cherry, a university qualified exercise physiologist with Masters Degrees in Strength and Conditioning and Rehabilitation, Level 2 S&C Coach, Level 2 Olympic lifting coach, our gym was one of the first of its kind on the coast and has grown over the past eight years from its humble garage gym CrossFit roots to a training facility offering the best the strength and conditioning world has to offer.  

After many years as a CrossFit gym, we made the decision this year to cut ties with CrossFit. CrossFit has served us well over the past eight years, and I will always remember where we came from and be grateful to CrossFit. Much of what we do is still “classic CrossFit”; however, whilst we still believe that CONSTANTLY VARIED FUNCTIONAL FITNESS PERFORMED AT HIGH INTENSITY is an effective way to train, we don’t believe it is the only way, nor suited to every individual. 

My experience as an S&C coach and years as an exercise physiologist has allowed me to put my own spin on things and really tailor our program to ensure we are offering the absolute best training experience for each individual in our gym, whether that be for performance, fitness, fat loss, rehabilitation, or somewhere in between. 

The benefits of our programming go way beyond the standard. With two exercise physiologists on staff, teamed with strength and conditioning coaches, CrossFit certified coaches and personal trainers, you can be sure you are in good hands. We teach you to avoid injury, develop total body strength, and increase your power. You will master exercise techniques, transforming yourself not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.  

APA is not for the sometimes exerciser. We don’t offer casual sessions; our members are those that have made fitness a way of life. We are a community that includes people from all walks of life and fitness levels; you will find members from the military, full-time parents, doctors, business people, elite athletes, adaptive athletes, kids and grandparents, and our community are our best advertisers. While not all elite athletes, we are all committed to do what it takes to get better every single day. 

At APA we prioritise performance over aesthetics; you won’t find 10-week challenges, low calorie diets, and we don’t sell ourselves with booty posts and cleavage shots. We strip back all the bull of the fitness world and focus on true honest grunt work, with fun along the way.

For us to get you the results you want, we need to get to know you. Each new member is guided through a one hour PT session and an extensive consult. We want to know your strengths, your weaknesses, nutrition habits, health state and of course, your goals. You will then have access to a coach 24/7 for the rest of your days. 

With a full timetable catering to children, teens and adults, we focus on strength, speed, power and ultimate overall fitness. If you have outgrown your fitness routine and are ready to put in the work to find out what you are truly capable of, then Coffs APA is your new home. 

1b Lawson Crescent, Coffs Harbour.

Coffsapa@gmail.comor / 0412 936 524.

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