Coffs Coast Crossfit, James Sanders & Jake Birdsall

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What motivates you?

We began following CrossFit because of its attractive content and easy to implement strategies. This gave us a platform and direction. We started out small and focused on doing the simple things well. We have always had plans to grow CCCF and impact on a larger scale. We pride ourselves on doing the common, uncommonly well, with the desire to develop happy clients who share similar values. There is never a dull moment. We have so much fun working hard and achieving tasks together. The team of coaches we have developed are among the best coaches we have come across in the industry. Never satisfied, they all possess a growth mindset and look to be a better version of themselves every day. Our team shares a broad array of knowledge and experience with our clients on a personal level. These things combined give us an extreme level of motivation and passion in the industry.

What is your favourite thing about being a personal trainer?

Building strong relationships, gaining trust and investing in our clients’  lives. We try to provide more than just a fitness program. Remembering names and being authentic, as well as tracking progress and working around client limitations. We aim to be leaders in our community, leaders for our kids to look up to, leaders setting healthy and prosperous examples. We are more of a coach than a personal trainer. Our definition of being a coach is:  “To improve the performance of your students both physically and mentally”.

Our secret to creating strong relationships: we are in the fitness industry, but our business forms relationships. Our coaches’ meetings are always centred around creating a better service to be more valuable to our community on a personal level. Sharing content and knowledge makes up only a portion of what we try to deliver. What we find even more important is the way we treat people individually. Our coaches are extremely caring, striving to make everyone feel welcome and appreciated. With this at the foundation, our coaches develop ways to deliver content in a caring manner.

Tell us about the culture of Coffs Coast CrossFit.

Our culture has formed organically. It’s diverse in every corner of the gym.  People from all different walks of life come together to form our community. I can’t think of any other environment where you could find this level of diversity in such a close community. When you add exercise, it creates a level of comradery which enables bonds to form. There are no mirrors to make people feel uncomfortable, and there are no unrealistic expectations that people need to strive for. Our community acknowledges every little success. Recently we had someone skip for the first time. It was like someone had won a gold medal at the Olympics! You can’t fake that, and you certainly don’t get that anywhere else. Whether it’s skipping or another achievement, every goal is respected and treated just as important as the next.

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19 Forge Dr, North Boambee Valley

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