Coffs Coast Rally Australia

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The FIA World Rally Championship (“WRC”) is one of the World’s most diverse, exciting and gruelling motorsports. It is energetic, exciting, uncompromising and action-packed. It requires skill, courage, passion, endurance and the ability to adapt to changing conditions.

The beautiful Coffs Coast in Northern NSW during 10-13 September 2015 shall play host to Coates Hire Rally Australia: the Australasian leg of the WRC. The Coates Hire Rally Australia is also a Round of the brilliant East Coast Bullbars Australian Rally Championship.

A total of 532 hours of coverage for the 2013 Coates Hire Rally Australia was broadcast on 264 television channels in 144 countries Worldwide, with a total cumulative audience of 28.21 million.

It’s an epic motorsport adventure, a 13-nation tour serving up the most diverse and demanding challenges for men and machines. The FIA World Rally Championship journeys from the wintry delights of Monaco to the mountains of Mexico, scenic Sardinia and eventually to the sub-tropical paradise of the New South Wales Coffs Coast.

Different landscapes, different weather and even different cultures all contribute to the unique nature of the WRC.

Around the world, the WRC draws millions of spectators to the thrilling Special Stages and hundreds of millions more to their television sets.

Little wonder, since the WRC is motorsport for the real world – recognisable cars based on ordinary roadgoing models, raced mostly in real conditions on public roads closed just for their passage, blindingly-talented drivers who are nonetheless approachable and accessible to their fans.

And they race, whatever the weather.

The world is coming to the Coffs Coast for Coates Hire Rally Australia. Get out and have some unforgettable fun!

For information on tickets and spectator information, visit

Address: Coffs Harbour 2450, NSW Australia
Questions and Inquiries: (02) 6648 4972

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