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Beach Way Aromatics burst on to my radar just over a year ago, but since then, founder Courtney has experienced exponential growth, all from her lounge room in Sapphire Beach! With four kids to boot and under 30 years of age, she’s a force to be reckoned with.

How did Beach Way Aromatics begin?

Skincare and aromatherapy have always been a passion of mine. While moving houses, I stumbled upon my diploma work and re-read my notes. My ideas grew from there. I wanted my range to focus on hydration, even skin tone and be gentle enough to be suitable for all ages and all skin types. My husband has been my biggest supporter, right from the start. He knew I wanted to start my own skincare label and has been my sounding board throughout this exciting process.

You’ve just grown and grown in the last 12 months, now hosting a slew of amazing skincare and wellness products. What are your top three items from your range?

It’s crazy how much my business has grown in such a short amount of time! I’m so thankful that people are noticing my brand, trying it and LOVING it! My top three skincare products are the Neroli Exfoliator, Midnight Repair Serum and Skincare Overhaul Kit (five full sized products to cover all your needs).

My top three aromatherapy products are the Deep Sleep (available for adults and babies), Little Teeth (for teething babies) and Slumber Mist. My biggest focus here was aiding little ones to relax into a peaceful sleep, while taking the stress of night time away.

You are a certified beauty therapist; how did your training and experience have a part in you creating your own skincare?

I kept all my course work! I studied under one of Australia’s leading aromatherapists/beauty therapists and loved picking her brain. Everything I needed to start was right in front of me. It took me about a year of trialling different products to finally launch. I haven’t looked back since. I’m always adding new products to Beach Way Aromatics.

Let’s talk balance (or lack thereof) – you have four young kids, a booming business and a family business as well. How old are all your babies, and how many hours’ sleep do you get a night? 

Ha ha; it’s definitely full on! My babies are six, five, two and almost one. I run on minimal sleep – four hours a night. It would have bothered me six years ago, but I’ve learned to deal! I work when everyone in my house is sleeping; that way it doesn’t interfere with family time. I’m usually still up working at 3am when my husband gets ready for work.

Where can our readers buy/try/enjoy your products? 

If you want to enjoy the experience locally, Wrecked Vintage is the place! Sophie has most of my range there for you to try. I have a shoppable Instagram @beach_way_aromatics. The website is for those of you who enjoy shopping from your lounge room, with wine and without pants!

**Hot tip, the Intensive Eye Cream is THE BEST!**

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