Craig Daley and Cassie Scully

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Introducing Craig Daley, Owner of Mass Nutrition Coffs Harbour and Cassie Scully, 2 x Sport Aerobic WORLD Champion, 9 x Australian Champion, 14 x NSW Champion and owner of CASS ENERGY.


Just going off the sensational reviews and results from the locals, Mass Nutrition has taken Coffs Harbour by storm. From the hard working business man and woman, to the hardest job in the world – our stay at home mothers – to the elite sportsperson through to the person who enjoys light exercise, the incredible success everyone is achieving from the products at Mass Nutrition is the number one reason owner Craig Daley loves his job. Craig knew he just had to bring Coffs Harbour one of these incredible stores.

“There’s so much help out there when it comes to supplements. You don’t have to accept feeling tired, unmotivated, constantly struggling to shift stubborn fatty areas, being unsuccessful with your weight loss or finding it almost impossible to increase muscle mass,” Craig says.

Mass Nutrition has so many products to help with your individual worries when it comes to health and fitness. There’s a fantastic product for even something as simple as keeping yourself hydrated. Mass Nutrition’s super popular product is their BCAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids), which help keep your energy levels balanced, help you continue to stay hydrated at home, at the beach, at work, during exercise – and  the list goes on.

Craig’s number one goal is to stock products which focus purely on health and fitness. “I absolutely recommend our alkalizing greens powder to feel the absolute best you can, to have so much energy while looking after your body every day and getting your daily serving of veggies into you simply in one glass. There are no excuses for not being happy and healthy with how easy this product makes it,” Craig says.

The support and positive feedback from our local gyms: Genesis Fitness Club, Powerhouse Gym and Nexus Gym Woolgoolga has been amazing for the Mass Nutrition brand and what it represents.

On behalf of Craig Daley and the Mass Nutrition staff, they would like to thank the community for their ongoing support since opening in June 2014.

Cassie Scully, owner of CASS ENERGY, is a number one Personal Trainer on the Coffs Coast. Cass has trained athletes to win World Titles in Europe and can’t even count the number of bodies she has transformed during her nine years of being a Personal Trainer. Cass specialises in training women to help them reach their personal health and fitness goals and believes her success as a trainer is due to knowing how to teach her clients to train their minds to achieve their goals.

Cass has been running her CASS ENERGY Sport Aerobic Club for school students for 14 years now, and it is truly a passion of hers to not only train her students to succeed in their competitions, but to improve their self confidence, feel amazing with their body image and to transform their minds to become more positive, happy and healthy. Cass feels so honored to mentor her students and help them grow into strong, successful, motivated, goal driven women.

“Unfortunately, poor body image issues are starting earlier and earlier in our young girls. I have had a student as young as four worried about her body weight, and this is something that makes me really sad to see start so early. I love being able to work with my students and educate them on the correct ways to fuel their bodies with as much fruit, veggies, good meats, nuts and healthy carbs as possible.

“Unfortunately, I personally grew up getting weighed and having skin folds conducted every morning at the age of 9, and we were told to starve to get our desired body, so it has always been a mission of mine to never let my athletes have to feel like that or go through anything like that. Luckily, we have the education nowadays, and I’ve made it a personal goal for me to learn everything about proper nutrition to help my students,” says Cass.

Although Cass strongly believes in her athletes, she really pushes the point across that the main priority when her CASS ENERGY students get onstage is to HAVE FUN and in every training session to LAUGH, meet new friends and ENJOY what they are doing. With saying that, every year Cass produces outstanding results, with her athletes again this year winning many gold medals at the State and Australian Championships, and she is set to take her athletes to the 2015 World Championships in the Caribbean in the December.

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