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Dan, tell us how you got involved in the fitness industry?

I’ve played a range of different sports growing up, and I was always the one to do everything at 100%, or nothing at all. I loved training and all that it’s about. I was thinking about finally starting a proper career after years of just doing jobs that allowed me the time to play Rugby League, without getting in the way. I realised I wasn’t getting any younger and my competitive days were numbered, but I wanted to stay in sport in some capacity. I had a few friends who were already in different aspects of the fitness and health industry who really encouraged me to get going. So, that’s what I did.

You’re also a teacher at the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers; what does this role entail?

It’s actually a role I pursued purely for self-development. The thought of standing up in front of people imparting my knowledge to them was actually really daunting, but I knew that to go forward in a career in strength and conditioning, it was about getting comfortable doing that. It has become one of the coolest things I’ve done in my career to date! We deliver the certificate III and IV face-to-face here in Coffs Harbour, which is a total of 52 hours with me in the gym learning every aspect of being a Personal Trainer. The best thing about it, is the students I taught, who applied themselves to their studies, are all doing really well as trainers on the Coffs Coast. I’ve even had the opportunity in my current role at F45 to hire one of them myself, which is really awesome.

You’ve recently taken over as manager at F45 Training here in Coffs Harbour. What does F45 Training offer clients in terms of their fitness? F45 training is a high energy environment that has motivation oozing out of its walls. It’s a well-rounded program that really does not leave one part of your body at a loss. The program consists of three cardio-based days and two strength-based sessions. Across the board, they are all resistance circuit workouts that change every day.

The F45 sessions are always overseen by fully qualified and reputable trainers, so you are always in safe hands, leaving you to focus on the task at hand.

F45 is literally for EVERYONE. I say this with conviction, because of my experience in the industry. Some people get the perception that it’s just high intensity and they can’t meet their strength goals, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. The strength sessions we do are among the best sessions I’ve done. I’m a big believer in full body workouts, and F45 is the definition of that.

Being a new player to the Coffs Coast, how has F45 built its client base?

Since I have taken over, I’ve really pushed the social media side of things, and it’s really been working for me so far. Having a quality product and service that clients enjoy is also very paramount to our success.

What marketing do you swear by?

Social media is huge in the fitness industry. You literally have new clients every time a new session is underway, or when a client is happy for you to share their progress. Word of mouth is big as well … Happy clients tell their friends.

In terms of fitness, I think all of us could be a little bit better at prioritising it in our lives. What’s your approach to getting it done?

Well, put simply … By making your health a priority in your life. People tend to use work and other things as a reason they don’t have time to look after themselves physically. But if you set an hour in your schedule, like you would do for a business meeting or a lunch break, it becomes a habit then and a part of your day. What will it take for you to understand that you only have one body and you need to treat it right? I find a lot of people don’t prioritise their health and wellbeing enough.

What motivates you about the fitness industry? 

It’s the opportunity to help people change their life in some way or another. Whether that’s helping someone lose weight, or to help them move a weight they thought they had no right in moving. I’m motivated by seeing people’s efforts. I don’t care if you’re the fastest or strongest in the room; I can see it on people’s faces – the discomfort. I know that sounds strange, but that discomfort you’re feeling during exercise (not pain, there’s a difference) doesn’t stop there. That’s what it’s about – to physically change something in you!

Weight loss seems to be the biggest issue facing Australians, with 63% of adults classed as obese or overweight in 2015 research. What are your top tips for dropping some extras kilos before summer? 

Start now, or as soon as you finish reading FOCUS … But really, it’s about moving your body as often and as much as you can. If you struggle for motivation, find a friend that you can trust to not let you down. There are some great personal trainers on the Coffs Coast – so find one and let them kick your butt. Now really is go time! You can make a difference straight away. We have a 14-day trial to help you get started too.

Keeping your energy up must be crucial to your role of training clients; how do you stay focused?

I make sure I get a solid night’s sleep. The 4:30am alarm hurts every morning, but after a few seconds I really do jump out of bed ready to start the day. Knowing that our clients are coming in to put in 100% effort every day really does keep me going. I don’t struggle for motivation as a trainer. In my downtime, I like to really take advantage of refuelling with quality food and plenty of water … If my body feels good, my mind goes with it.

Thanks Dan.

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