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Welcome to the newly opened Sunset Room Woopi, the most beautiful Aperitivo bar and restaurant on the coast. Sunset Room has been quick to establish a reputation for fabulous Italian Fare, celebrated wines and classic cocktails … combined with Woolgoolga’s relaxed beach vibes, it’s the coast’s “must visit” venue. FOCUS found out more from owner Danielle Wallace … 

How do you define your business’ unique selling point?

Ambience is what everybody seems to love about the Sunset Room. I have so enjoyed setting the scene at Sunset Room Woopi; it’s an eclectic, relaxed but stylish meeting place for good times, with excellent authentic Italian food and a wonderful classic bar.

The decor I’d like to think would be considered unique anywhere in the world; I have put my design stamp on this project. The decor is pretty special – it’s an eclectic mix and encompasses finds from my collections sourced from here and around the world.

The food is classic Italian, under the helm of our Sicilian chef Elio. From early evening you can enjoy Aperitivo, true Italian pizzas, pastas and spectacular specials, using the best ingredients and with a focus on seasonal local produce dictating our menu. 

The bar is a sight to behold – a beautiful underlit onyx bar, framed by a giant Huon Pine mirror. We serve classic cocktails, with an impressive spirit list and an inspired international wine list.

What is the most interesting part of your industry/role?

I’m not quite sure how I fit in! I’ve set the scene with the decor and putting the team together. Now I keep an eye on the details; we have such a wonderful team, and it’s just about giving them the tools to shine and to lay the field for everybody to have a fabulous experience.

What are you passionate about, and is your passion also your work?

I’m passionate about design, and I’m passionate about Woopi – I’m just redecorating it a little! And having lived in Italy, it’s great to have a little bit of Italy in Woopi. So, it’s nice to combine all of my loves!

Woopi is such a great little beach town, wonderful people; it still has that classic nostalgic Australian holiday town feel. The food scene is unpretentious, though amazing. Our aim this year is to further highlight local produce; we live in a naturally incredible food bowl. 

When it comes to networking, what’s your top tip for success?

The word “networking” makes me uneasy; it sounds manipulative. I like things to be organic, rather than deliberate – but I am  naturally curious. So, that would be my tip: get curious, get knowledgeable, and listen. Serendipity too is a lovely thing, and that usually means stepping out of the house.

Do you have any changes planned for 2019 within your business? If so, what are they, and how will they benefit your customers? 

We have had a pretty fabulous start – fine tuning is now our plan. We want to get better and better; it’s only the beginning.

Who has been your biggest inspiration? 

Probably my parents – they have had some pretty colourful ideas over the years. I think I’m finally following in their footsteps.

Do you have a goal this year for yourself, personally or in business? 

Enjoy the Sunset Room ride! Woopi has become a destination, and I love showing it off to friends and visitors. Personally, a few trips would be great if possible, to recharge and get inspired – hopefully a trip back to New York, and who knows where else!

What is your best advice for doing business with other local businesses?

Buy local, support locals, be community minded and support community groups where you can. Also, work together; Market St, Woolgoolga has become such a great foodie street. You can catch the latest happenings @destinationmarketstreet on Instagram and Facebook – we have worked together with Council and events such as Eat Street to achieve some really great things.

Top tips for customer retention? 

Unique and great product, great staff, consistency, a happy vibe, and somewhere in there is the X Factor! 

Check us out at @sunsetroomwoopi on Facebook and Instagram.

Thanks Danielle.

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