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Aussie music icon Daryl Braithwaite is gracing our shores again this October at the Hoey Moey, and Sam Dawson was given the highest of honours – to actually interview him! If you know Sam, you will understand how huge this was for her! 

As we all know, Daryl started off as lead singer of Sherbet, a band synonymous with the ‘70s – and that’s when my love affair started as a young, impressionable teenager.

Between 1971 to 1978, Sherbet produced 20 national top 40 singles and were the first Australian band to top the $1 million mark in album sales in this country. During this period, Braithwaite won the Australian King of Pop Award three times. 

The most popular song was undoubtedly The Horses, holding the #1 position on the national charts over three consecutive weeks. The unexpected success of this single led to it being voted “Australian Song of the Year” at the 1991 Australian Music Awards. Braithwaite remains an integral part of the evolution and development of Australian popular music and is a must see live act on stage! 

I really had to think about what I and his fans would like to ask Daryl! 

Daryl, thank you so much for your time. I’m worried I may become tongue tied asking you questions, as I am your undisputed no.1 fan here in Coffs! Congratulations on last year’s induction into the Aria Hall of Fame – what an amazing achievement!

Thank you very much.

When did you start to realise you could sing? 

When I was about eight years old. I have a twin brother; we would sing along with the songs of the time, and we loved it. Plus, my dad was a singer too, and we got it from him.

There have been so many, but do you have a favourite venue or place to perform? 

All are really good venues; sometimes there are some that are not great acoustically, with too much sound bouncing off walls, but as for a favourite – there are too many places to mention.

What has been your most memorable gig? 

One that comes to mind, and it’s a recent occurrence, would be playing at the Falls Festival in Lorne in WA on December 28 last year. As a band and personally, we did not know what to expect. The crowd was relatively young compared to my age and compared to who we would normally play to, but there were around 20,000 there and it was glorious – quite amazing!

This brings me to my next question! As you would be aware, there are fans who would have followed you (me) from when they were teenagers (me) and are still following you (me) … but to have such a young crowd following (me), as in the next generation; how do you feel about your music and voice still resonating and being so popular to this day? 

It is so pleasing and encouraging. I would never have thought this looking back. I remember interviews when I was in Sherbet and being asked, “What do you think you will be doing in 10 years’ time?” (meaning 1985), and I would probably have  said, “I hope I am still going”. And now it’s 2018, and I’m still going! I am very very fortunate and loving every single minute of it. 

Have you found that your voice has changed or evolved over time? I know my husband is a singer, and people say his voice has matured like a good wine.

(Laugh) I think that it is the luck of the draw – who knows how the voice works! If you do look after your voice and don’t abuse it too much, it can be maintained, and so can your health as well. As one gets older, things tend to break down a little bit. When you are 20, you never think about that – you have to be more aware of how you treat your voice.

Do you see a change in energy levels with the performing side too?

Sometimes you do think you have to be like when you were 20, and that’s impossible!

Who do you admire in the music industry? Who has been an influence on your style? 

I think it has been John Farnham and Jimmy Barnes, and John Paul Young is another one. John Farnham is quite an amazing singer – like him or hate him, he is so good at what he does.

I agree wholeheartedly! I had the pleasure of meeting him in Mataranka in the NT when he was on a car rally over 20 years ago. He played with the Mataranka Band and was so personable too. And what do you do to really relax? What’s your favourite down time pastime? 

I have the occasional holiday and body surf, and it frustrates me that I can’t do as much as I like! I like to travel a lot – here and overseas – and we are now back on the road after a lovely break.

I’ll be coming to your Coffs Harbour show, along with the rest of this town. What can we expect from your show? 

Music! Music and songs that people will know and hopefully they will like what we play … Songs that were successful and others that are album tracks. Hopefully this will be enjoyable as a show.

I put out to Facebook what to ask you, and the overwhelming response I was asked to run by you is, how do you handle overzealous fans? Especially in Coffs Harbour? 

I haven’t had to worry too much in the past. As long as people enjoy my show, that’s all that matters. I am so looking forward to coming back to Coffs – the ocean, the place – I love it.

Thank you so much Daryl; it has been a complete honour!

Thank you Sam, and thanks for your time!



When: Sat 13th October; opening 6pm.

Where: Hoey Moey Hotel,

Ocean Parade, Coffs Harbour.


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