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Woopi has been discovered, and the secret is out. The spectacular coastal pocket of Woolgoolga has a buzz … this nostalgic holiday spot with the endless summer vibe has also become a major foodie hotspot, with Market Street being crowned as the new “Eat Street”. Danielle Wallace tells us more …

What makes Market Street a food destination?

Market St certainly has become a food destination! Organically it has grown to include an impressive and eclectic mix of unique food and beverage venues. The choice is so varied; it’s inspiring for all tastes, casual to fine dining, often featuring live entertainment. Although varied, collectively the “Destination Market St” crew are also working together and are like-minded in the quest for quality. There is an emphasis on local fresh produce and a unique Woopi experience.

How did you come up with this concept of Destination Market Street?

Collectively the Market Street food venues had talked about getting together for a little while. Market Street was becoming an “in the know” location – being a street back from the beach, we were a find. But like all good ideas, we all got together over a bottle of red at the very cool Woopi Backpackers and discussed all things Market St; there was a synchronicity, along with new venues opening and possibilities to collectively capitalise on our unique street – food, entertainment, visions, events. CHCC (Council) has been working with us, and new exciting things are happening!

What can people expect to find in Market St?

Market Street has a great beach village atmosphere. You can stroll from venue to venue to discover, the choice is yours: fine dining or healthy wholefoods? Perhaps international fare? A gelato or fish and chips and picnic by the beach, or relax with a fine wine or cocktail and watch the colourful Woopi parade go by?

What sort of variety is on offer?

Variety! For an eclectic little street, Market St offers an abundance of dining experiences day and night.

Ground Earth – Sasha and Dusty – healthy indulgence, emphasis on local produce, unique ingredients, vegan and GF options.

Anchor Bar And Restaurant – Matt, Sam and Amos – new! Three mates – international and interstate experience, specialising in seafood, a fine dining experience, craft beers and cocktails.

Sunset Room – Danielle – soon to be opened Italian Restaurant and wine bar; Happy Hour Aperitivo style.

Sea Salt – Penny and Phil – new! Gourmet fish and chips and gelato.

Backpackers Bar – soon to be opened; look forward to international cocktails.

Oh My BBQ – Ada – Korean.

CCs Hamburgers and milkshakes.

Singhan Da Dhaba – Vegetarian Indian.

Who is involved in Destination Market Street?

So far “Destination Market St” encompasses the foodie and beverage crew of Market Street; there is also an abundance of retail and lifestyle experiences to discover in Market St. and in Woopi.

The founding members of “Destination Market St” are Sam and Emily, Dusty And Sasha, Penny and Phil, Danielle, Matt, Sam and Amos.

Do you have any events coming up?

The next Eat Street is coming up on October 6.

On a weekly level, Ground Earth has taco night every Thursday and live music; Anchor also has live music. Stay tuned to Destination Market on Facebook or Instagram for the latest music acts. 

Sunset Room @ The Market Place will also have a grand opening.

Is Market Street appealing to families?

Woopi is a family holiday destination, and Market St is absolutely family friendly – casual and relaxed in our beach environment, kids’ menus are often available. Market St makes an obvious choice for family get togethers.

Thanks Danielle.

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