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DIESEL “Refuelled” and ready to light up The Harbour. Legendary Australian Musician “Diesel” has had countless Hit Songs and Albums and has now returned to the top of the Australian Music Scene with his amazing new record, Americana.

The impressive new album pays tribute to some of his biggest influences. He is returning to Coffs Harbour for a special show at Coffs Harbour Golf Club on Saturday 5 November. FOCUS caught up with him to talk about the record, his life as a musician and the upcoming show.

Tell us about your new album. What inspired you to record it?

The whole idea came from my agent of 27 years, Tony Grace. My guess is, it was an idea that was “in his pocket”, and he was waiting for the opportunity and right artist. As soon as I saw the list of artists he had prepared on the table at the meeting he called me in to, I was in. I had no idea at that time it was going to be an autobiographical musical timeline of my life. But that’s what it ended up as.

What are your favourite tracks on the album and why?

I really like Circle Game, the Joni Mitchell track. It’s the earliest song memory I have, thanks to my sister being obsessed with it. I’m guessing she (Joni) was barely 20 when she wrote about the journey of boyhood to manhood. Having had children, I’m dumbfounded how fast this all happens, and Joni manages to capture this. Of course, I was clueless as a 2 – 3 year old as to what the lyrics were about. I just liked the melody probably, but it resonates now.

How did you become a musician?

It was a slow process, starting with cello at the age of eight, picking up a guitar around 14 years of age and entering the pub scene shortly after. My father was a musician and so were some of my older siblings, so it seemed natural in my mind to follow that.

We know you have an impressive guitar collection. How many guitars do you own, and which are your favourites?

I have accumulated about 30 now and they are all very different, apart from the workhorses like the mini Matons and Fender Stratocasters that I might have multiples of – purely because they get used so much.

It’s in the studio where the array of guitars I have get used. When I’m building a track, it really helps to have guitar sounds that range from polar opposite, to slight variation, and having a wide pallette of guitars helps me to achieve that. They also look great in a room!

Who is your favourite musician you’ve ever shared the stage with?

When it comes to sheer energy that is inspiring, it’s hard to imagine anyone else other than Jimmy Barnes. Here’s the scenario: the gig is going really well … unbeknownst to the audience, Jimmy is about to join the stage, taking it to a level seemingly impossible. I’ve witnessed this quite a few times.

What do you enjoy about the Coffs Coast, and are you looking forward to your show here in November?

I have described the coast around Coffs as some of the most beautiful in the world. It’s no wonder so many people are drawn to it. It’s also one of the earliest touring destinations I can recall … Probably because of the Big Banana; is that a bad thing!

What do you love most about being a musician?

Playing to people and feeling them react. My job description to me is someone that provides “healthy escapism” to people. Music has been that for me from my mother’s womb to now.

Thanks for chatting to us.

Thanks guys!

Tickets are now on sale and selling fast for the November 5 show at Coffs Harbour Golf Club directly from Club Reception, Earl Street, Coffs Harbour. Ph: 6652 3244 or online via Moshtix at http://www.moshtix.com.au 

Doors open at 7pm. Support act is Benny Francis.

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