Di Perry and his Native Lemon Myrtle

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We chat with Di Perry from Perry’s Lemon Myrtle in Taylors Arm about farming the native Australian Lemon Myrtle Tree.





Tell us about Perry’s Lemon Myrtle, and how it all got started.

Seventeen years ago, after attending a seminar at Macksville, the Perry family were introduced to the Australian native tree Lemon Myrtle (Backhousia Citriodora). We were totally hooked from that time onward to grow, harvest and produce oil and also manufacture a wonderful range of personal care products.
Why is this region a suitable climate for growing Lemon Myrtle?

Our plantation is situated at Taylors Arm, which is the native environment and required climate for growing Lemon Myrtle trees. It took ten years of hard yakka to get the plantation to our first harvest stage, where we extracted our first high quality yield of Lemon Myrtle oil.
Lemon Myrtle is a native Australian tree. Tell us about the distinct qualities and uses of this plant.

The distinct qualities of the Lemon Myrtle oil compared to e.g. Lemon Verbena, Lemon Grass, Lemon Balm have a citral content of 70/75% citral. Lemon Myrtle has the highest citral content in any tree in the world. The high quality trees that we produce have 95 – 98% citral content; not all Lemon Myrtle tree plantations carry this high citral content. The oil used in all of our product range must be certified at the 95 – 98% citral content to deliver the excellent results to the skin that we are able to achieve.
Tell us about the products you produce.

The properties from our oil are antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial. So not only does the oil give our products a wonderful fragrance, it offers our consumers products for all the family for general use and also provides incredible therapeutic value to help treat those consumers with sensitive skin and chronic skin problems such as Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, Tinea, fungal nail problems, rashes, insect bites etc. Every product is designed to moisturise the skin. We have a large range of products available, suitable for babies through to mature age people.
How far and wide are your products exported?

We distribute our products all over Australia and to many overseas countries.
How can people find out more about Perry’s Lemon Myrtle?

We have a very successful online website at www.perryslemonmytle.com and have many visitors to the plantation able to enjoy a walk through the Lemon Myrtle canopy and visit our interesting gallery. We do a FREE Lemon Myrtle morning tea, BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL, from 1 to 50 people: booking number (02) 6564 2150 (consists of: Lemon Myrtle tea, l/m dip, l/m muffins, l/m cheese cake, l/m ice cream).

Thanks Di. 

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  1. Pam Kubyk says:

    Yesterday while visiting the Tulips in Bowral I purchased 6 bars of your soap. I especially asked the lady if Titanium Dioxide was an ingredient , I had left my glasses on the bus. The lady replied what’s that, so i presumed this was totally natural . Could you suggest what I can do next. I wont be using this soap. Regards Pam

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