Fletcher O’Sullivan

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Fletcher O’Sullivan is an eight year old surfer who is already showing extreme promise in the sport, doing really well in a number of local competitions over the pastcouple of years. He is clearly passionate about surfing, and the fact he is doing so well at such a young age is very impressive.  

Hey Fletcher. What do you love about surfing on the beautiful Coffs Coast?

I get to surf with my friends and also make new friends that love the sport too. The beaches are all pretty nice around here, and I just love being in the water.

You’re already shredding at only eight years old. When was the first time you hit the waves?

Mum reckons I was about four years old. But I reckon I was three! Either way, I was pretty little; I guess I’ve always just loved the beach and getting out in the water.

How often would you say you get out in the surf?

At least once a day, sometimes twice a day. Mainly before school. As often as I can manage, really!

Where would you say is your favourite spot to surf?

Locally, I love “The Island” at Sawtell. And once I went to Fiji and surfed Namotu Lefts near Cloudbreak, and it was so awesome!

Word is you have been doing really well in your age group comps. What are some of your achievements so far?

I won the OzGrom Cup last year in Under 8s, I won the 2018 Under 12s division of Sawtell Boardriders Club, I won the Under 10s Champ n Gazza Comp in December, and I came second in the 2018 Under 10s at Woolgoolga Boardriders club.

In 2017 I won the Under 8s Wahu Comp in Coffs and came second in the OzGrom Cup Under 8s.

Sawtell Boardriders is almost a home-away-from-home for you. What’s it like having so many like-minded supporters around you?

Awesome! I’ve always got lots of younger and older friends to surf with and people to look out for me in the surf. It’s a great community of mates supporting each other.

 When I was in the final at the OzGrom Cup in Coffs Harbour last year, heaps of Sawtell Boardriders members came in just to watch me, and that made me feel very special and happy! 

Some of my friends from Boardriders chaired me up the beach too, and I really liked that; it was a really cool experience! 

What are some of the comps you have coming up, and how important is it to you to be competing in these competitions?

I’ve got the Barney Miller Charity Surf Classic coming up in March and the OzGrom Cup in April. 

I love going in them, because I make new friends from different parts of Australia, and when we go to away comps and other surf spots, I get to see my friends from all over the place.

I also like going in the Barney Miller Comp, because it’s a charity comp that raises money for other people, and Barney is a good friend and big supporter of mine. Barney always calls me when I’m competing in a big comp, to see how I went.

Who is your absolute favourite surfer and why?

It would have to be Mick Fanning. He looks strong on his surfboard, and I like his style. And he survived a mad shark attack!

What would be your dream place to go surf for the week and why?

Skeleton Bay in Africa, because it looks really, really fun and the waves are barrelling and pumping and go for ages!

What do you do when there are no waves?

I hang with my mates and go skating, I go swimming with my sisters, tarp surfing, and I love fishing too. Generally being outside and enjoying where we live!

Thanks Fletcher.

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