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Breathing new life into Nambucca’s heart is Galleria Shop, Eat, Relax. FOCUS caught up with owner/creator Aurora Parkill to learn more about her concept and the unique experiences that are offer at this fab new venue.

You may have noticed a new landmark on Nambucca’s retail landscape, Galleria Shop Eat Relax. 

The creation of Sydney entrepreneur Aurora Parkhill, Galleria has given the old Guardian News building a new lease on life, transforming the two-storey space into a coffee shop and a beautiful store retailing fashion clothing, homewares and a baby boutique downstairs and a wellness and vitality treatment centre above.

“Everyday people say thank you for opening,” explains Aurora.

Moving to Nambucca in the past year, Aurora has forged a strong career running successful retail and hospitality businesses in Sydney. This entrepreneur can see the area’s potential and has put her “money where her mouth is”, buying property and understanding the value in re-vitalising the main shopping precinct to draw in visitors and business.

“Many people don’t realise the variety of shopping and services here in Nambucca. There’s so much to do and see here,” says Aurora.

Aurora’s latest investment is a boost of confidence to the business strip, employing 15 staff, supporting local producers and attracting visitors from around the region. And the accolades are already rolling in.

Coffee Shop 

Galleria make delicious and nourishing light meals and sweet treats daily utilising local indigenous herbs and produce. We offer foods friendly for those with food intolerances, gluten free and of course, vegetarian and vegan options. We use unbleached and organic flours in our baking, like our fresh muffins.  

Offering healthy, allergy friendly food options in the Nambucca main strip has proven very popular with the locals and visitors to the region.  

We can make cakes to order and we have prepared take home meals in the fridge – good to go, along with salads and light meals for lunch on the run, or sit down and relax in the café. 

“Most people have no idea about the amazing growers in the Nambucca Valley; even when I go to the growers’ markets and fall in love with a stand and its produce, I ask, ‘Where are you from?’ Eight out of ten times it is from within the Nambucca area. 

“One of my best suppliers is chef turned grower Luke Tutt from Nambucca Valley Aquaponics; it is always amazing quality and picked that morning. You can’t get better than that!”

Vitality Spa – Effortless Wellness

The spa boasts cutting edge science based practitioners and equipment.

We researched for three years for the best equipment on the market and are so proud to bring to Nambucca and the Coffs region our state of the art Infrared Sauna and the Airpod (Mild hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy).

Infrared Sauna

Infrared sauna treatments may be available at different levels: near, middle, and far. These different levels represent the different sizes in infrared wavelengths and refer to the intensity of the treatment. Most people find that:

  • near-infrared levels are best for wound healing and increased immune function
  • middle-infrared levels are ideal for increasing circulation and promoting muscle relaxation
  • far-infrared levels are used primarily for detoxification purposes.

Some of the benefits Infrared Sauna Therapy are:

Detoxification, relaxation, pain relief, weight loss, improved circulation, anti-ageing and skin purification.

Airpod (Mild hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy)

Airpod assists people achieve and maintain improved health through pressurised oxygen therapy. 

In the past, hyperbaric chambers were exclusive to hospitals and medical practices. This complementary therapy has now been revolutionised through lower, non-medical pressure settings up to 1.35 atm.

The Airpod is a safe, contemporary capsule designed to provide oxygen enriched wellbeing, healing and repair. Some of the benefits include: muscle recovery, reduces swelling, anti-ageing, skin rejuvenation, reduces fatigue, stress relief, increased metabolism, improves your immune system.


Our practitioners deliver a range of services to assist you realise your health outcomes; they include: 

Diane Carter – Acupuncturist 

Diane has a Bachelor of Health Science (Chinese Medicine) and is Chinese Medicine Registration Board Certified and is accredited in Facial Renewal Acupuncture, Esoteric Acupuncture, Meridian Massage. 

Diane draws on her 20 years of experience as a therapist in the field of Natural Health. She utilises the traditions of Oriental Medicine, Japanese Acupuncture, Nutrition and Energetic Healing to facilitate people to become the best they can be. Japanese acupuncture is a gentle and painless way to revitalise the energy throughout the body and heighten your wellness potential. Fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, depression, acute and chronic pain, digestive and emotion issues can all benefit from this ancient yet effective therapy.

Leesa Constantine – Naturopath

Leesa is a qualified naturopath and energy medicine practitioner. Leesa is a proficient naturopath, energy medicine practitioner, NLP health coach and Biophoton Specialist. With over 30 years’ experience in holistic medicine, her approach is to see you as an individual, to support your health and wellbeing and help you stay on track. With a commitment to continually learning cutting edge technologies, she travels extensively attending conferences, retreats and workshops around the world.

Beth Spriggs – Qualified Naturopath and Massage Therapist 

Beth has both an Advanced Diploma Nutrition and Advanced Diploma Naturopathy. She offers a range of services, including relaxing aromatherapy massage, remedial massage for specific areas of the body and associated ailments. Beth offers lymphatic drainage massage for cancer survivors, as well as nutrition and wellbeing consultation for holistic health care.

More about Galleria Shop Eat Relax:

In the building’s design, special care was taken to accommodate people with mobility issues, including a mobility ramp, large disability toilet and even a motorised stairlift to access the upstairs spa area.

Recent ill-health has made Aurora assess her diet and lifestyle, and this is reflected in her offerings on the menu. Many of the food offerings are organic, gluten free or grain free. 

“We wanted a place that people with food intolerances could still enjoy quality meal.”

Apart from relaxed ladies fashion and sophisticated homewares, the new space also boasts a large range of baby and children’s clothing. Galleria provides unique offerings not replicated elsewhere, with new stock in every week.

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