Grease The Musical

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Prepare yourself for an entertaining and fun-filled performance of “Grease – The Musical”, featuring the talented performers and musicians from BDC. FOCUS had a chat with Katie Gudgeon and Rachel Crismale, to find out more …

What will this production bring to the Coffs Coast?

Fun! Energy! Entertainment! What we love about this production is that it has ultimately been student-driven. They’ve been involved in the set design, costume design, sound, lighting, orchestration and of course – our on-stage cast. It has been extremely refreshing to see our students that have different strengths in different areas come together and work tirelessly to make something that they and we are so proud of and are ready to share with the wider community. 

What made you choose Grease?

Well, it might be over forty years since Grease hit the big screen, but we were drawn to its timelessness. We figured that the antics of our favourite seniors from Rydell High would be just as entertaining for the newbies as they are for the die-hard fans. The students were so excited when they heard we were considering staging Grease – The Musical. It was such an easy choice for us. 

What has the preparation been like in the lead up to the performances? 

The style of production, being a musical, can’t be underestimated. With so many elements involved, including sets, costumes, wigs, lights, sound, choreography, special effects, orchestra, promotion, and of course casting and performance needs; it’s fair to say – we’ve been pretty busy! However, our desire to create large-scale opportunities for our students and our love of the theatre and the magic that it can create kept us motivated. Numerous rehearsals and extra hours put in by all involved have led to a production that our students should be proud of. 

Can you tell us a little about the students in the show?

For a production of this size, we were excited by the opportunity to open the door to students across our entire secondary campus. Students involved come from a huge variety of interests and skillsets, as well as year groups. In fact, for many of them, this is their first time on stage or performing in front of others. There were many moments during the audition phase, where we were completely and utterly amazed by the hidden talent that we may never have known, except for this opportunity. There are also many students involved behind the scenes, whether it be designing and creating sets and props or upskilling or with makeup and costume design. Overall – it has provided opportunities for our students across the board, whether they be on stage or off stage. 

Is there anything extra we should know?

Everyone is welcome to come and be entertained! Ticket prices include a full-length feature show, as well as three complimentary tickets to our very own “SideShow Alley”, where you can experience the fun and games of an interactive carnival atmosphere. Our “Eat Street” will also have a variety of food and drinks for purchase. This will all be topped off with additional outdoor performances from students during intermission. Programs will also available for purchase on the night. Prepare to be entertained from beginning to end. 

Where will the performances be held?

We will be hosting a combination of both matinee and evening performances in the theatre @ Bishop Druitt College from Wednesday 13th November to Saturday 16th November 2019. Just park within the school grounds and follow the music to find the fun!

Some words from our students:

What have the rehearsals been like?

The rehearsal process has been slow but productive and extremely fun! The entire ensemble is working as a whole now, and the musical is flowing and is becoming a spectacle. Throughout the rehearsal process, there has been an immense amount of pressure on the characters, but most people would say that “pressure makes diamonds”. Therefore, the show from the audience’s perspective should be “ultramatic” – Thomas Sweeney – Kenickie.

Why did you audition?

I auditioned because I wanted to have an experience I’ve never had before. I’ve always wanted to be in a musical, and I love acting, so when the opportunity presented itself, I was thrilled. I have also watched Grease hundreds of times over. It was my favourite musical as a kid, and I’ve always loved Danny. I was amazed that I actually got the role of Danny. I’m hoping that this performance can be great and we can put on an amazing show for everyone who comes to watch! – Kyle Lang – Danny. 

What is your favourite thing about being a part of this musical?

My favourite part about being in this musical is being able to experience so many new and different things that I would not have encountered if I had not put myself out there and become a part of the musical. Being in Grease has taught me so many new things, like how to be more confident in front of a crowd, as well as obtaining more social and collaborative skills. Grease has been an amazing experience for everyone involved and will be something that everyone needs to see. Shannon Stafford – Chorus.

Why should we come to watch?

Everyone should come and watch Grease because it is a classic high school story (that everyone knows and loves) directed and performed by talented and enthusiastic students and teachers, many of whom don’t get many opportunities to do what they love on stage. This was an exciting opportunity for all of us. Everyone involved has put their all into making this show what it is today, and we’ve had fun doing it! So, take a step back in time and come and enjoy our version of Grease. You won’t regret it! Meg Denman – Rizzo.

Performance dates? 

Wednesday 13th – evening performance – SideShow Alley and Eat Street kicks off @ 6 pm for a 6:30 pm official showtime.

Friday 15th – evening performance – SideShow Alley and Eat Street kicks off @ 6 pm for a 6:30 pm official showtime.

Saturday 16th – matinee performance – SideShow Alley and Eat Street kicks off @ 12:30 pm for a 1 pm official showtime.

Saturday 16th – evening performance – SideShow Alley and Eat Street kicks off @ 6 pm for a 6:30 pm official showtime.

How do I purchase tickets?

You can contact us to purchase tickets directly at the school by; phone on 6651 5644, visit us at the school, or via Try Booking website at the following link:

Thanks, everyone.

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