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What is it you love about the Mid North Coast region, having grown up here?
Well, we all met on the Mid North Coast; it was where we travelled from when we first started touring, and it was a place we always looked forward to returning to after touring.


I guess it’s always got a connection to us, as we all did grow up there; we’re not from the city, so we love the rural areas.
Now, it’s a great place to come back to – especially after touring big cities and touring all over the world. It is great to come back to such a beautiful place.

You’re touring now for your 6th album, Six to Midnight. Share with us what it was like to write this album.
We recorded that album two years ago now, so this is the last bit of touring we are doing for it before we go and start to record the next album.
We have been demoing for the new record for about the last 5 months; we have quite a bit of material left to go, and I think we will be recording that new album in February next year.
To be honest, we got kinda sick of playing all the songs off Six to Midnight; we’ve had a good run, but we are looking forward to something new.
As one of Australia’s biggest bands

You would have had many highlights over the past decade?
I guess one of the biggest highlights … chronologically, the first was getting signed to a major label when we were so young. Releasing our first album was a highlight, as it was a culmination of a few years’ work. Signing to a New York record label in the late ‘90s was a highlight, as well as living in New York and touring America for few years – which was fun and a lot of hard work. This year, going over to do festivals in Europe was a lot of fun, touring Six to Midnight and signing a deal with a record company over there.
There are too many to count, but hopefully there will still be many more.
Grinspoon recently scored three albums in Triple J’s hottest 100 albums of all time.

How big was that for you guys?
That was great. It was totally unexpected; I mean, we obviously hoped that we would get something in there but we didn’t have any preconceived ideas that we definitely would. Our first album came in at number 12, which was a relief that people still remembered an album that came out in 1998, like 13 years ago now, and people still think it is relevant … and obviously people still really like our records. Hopefully we’ll go out and tour that record one day.

Speaking of Triple J, they have played a huge role in helping you break into the music scene when you won the Unearthed comp. How important do you see the role they play in helping find and introduce new artists?
It is very important. I think also with the new Unearthed digital radio station which is playing purely unsigned Australia artists, it’s really good. I think their roles are getting more and more important and relevant; they keep up with the times, they keep finding new stuff and promoting Australian music and independent music. They continue to unearth bands and support bands like us who they have supported through our whole careers; whereas, other radio stations may drop a band after a while, or after they feel like they have had their run. But Triple J have always been super supportive of us, and we have tried to nurse that relationship by doing as much as we possibly can for them. It is a two way street, and it works really well.

What can fans expect from the current tour?
I think it is going to be hit after hit. We have Six to Midnight out, which is our latest release but because we have the new album coming out next year, I think we will pretty much be doing a best of all our releases. We’ll play a couple of album tracks from Six to Midnight, but probably only one or two … and yeah, it will be more of a ‘best of’ show. 
So with the new album on the cards for

2012, what else will you be doing to get that rolling?
It is all about the album; we have another Grinspoon album due to Universal – which we’re demoing at the moment, as I said. We have about 30 new songs to choose from at this early stage. I think we’ll look to go overseas to record this one this time, so perhaps to LA or London – and hopefully have something out by the middle of the year.
Do you have a big following overseas?
Well, you know we try to go over as much as we can. We are obviously not as big as what we are here, but yes – we do have some fans.
Interview with Pat Davern.

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