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Heidi Brett is the owner of Vast Interior Coffs Harbour, and her passion for unique homewares and furnishings is evident in her own fantasy like property. We take a stroll through her humble abode …




What inspired you to build a castle?

My husband and I have always loved everything medieval, and then we fell in love with the idea of having our own castle after returning from our first trip to Europe 18 years ago.

We were just determined to turn our dream residence into a reality; we have never been ones to shy away from the unusual or a challenge!

You decided to add a modern extension last year. Why did you decide to go that way?

We found it difficult to find the same building materials that were used in our original building, and we wanted a pool and entertainment area – which is very un-castle like, but essential for a Coffs Harbour entertaining abode!

As fans of the TV show Grand Designs, I loved seeing ambitious designs that blended new modern extensions with old homes.

We were lucky enough to find a local builder, Brian Hopwood, who understood our vision and came up with a suitable bold solution that functions and contrasts well with the old world design features.

Are you happy with the outcome?

Most definitely. The old part of our home is all rich, warm colours with lots of dark wood and textures, and we call it our winter abode, while the new section is like walking into a different world, all light and airy space.

It’s like having our own personal resort; it definitely comes into its own in the summer, and it’s a great place to entertain friends and to relax.

Tell us a little bit about each of the featured items in your home, and why they’re important to you.

1. This beautiful deer tea light holder holds wonderful memories. Found on our first family holiday, the Celtic references, bronze hue and peculiar shape makes it the perfect talking piece.

2. I just love the organic shape and the intricately painted colours in this hand painted antique tin kharbuja pot from India.

3. This is David’s grandfather’s fireman helmet. His grandfather would be horrified to see it’s not polished, but I love the patina of age and the all the dents. It tells a story when you look at it, and it’s part of our family’s history.

4. My recent birthday present. This is the dragon that every girl should have … I mean, I do live in a castle, so it fits.

5. Perfect for lazy days, this is where we relax and entertain. I love my carved teak daybed and in our climate, I think every home should have one. And the bright colours of the pillows and stools … well, it’s my happy place.

6. So many memories. This is our engagement photo in a quirky antique camera frame from work. Looking back, we were so young – only 19. It’s been one hell of a journey, and I’ve loved every moment of it.

You’re the owner of the VAST INTERIOR in Coffs Harbour. Tell us something some people may not know about the store.

We are direct importers, so we only keep a small amount of stock on hand and sell our stock off the floor. This means if you find something you like, it’s best to get it when you see it … and with our original pieces, we may get something similar but NEVER the same.

Although we can order special requests for customers seeking something unusual, the lead time can be up to six months, so it’s best to seize the moment if you fall in love with that special piece!

This story was published in issue 27 Coffs Coast

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  1. Diana Faull says:

    I met Carlene when I lived in Sydney with my husband and daughter  from 2003 to 2005, congratulations to her on a great career, she was a great neighbour and friend to us while we were there and we had great times together. All the best Carlene.
    Diana Faull

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