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Hibbards is a well-known and widespread family-owned business, and they know a thing or two about building, after being in the game since 1968. Who better is there to find out from why you should think Hibbards, than Tamzin, Mike and the team, who are all about making the whole process of building, investing and purchasing your own home simple and easy.

Hibbards is a family-owned company with a long history in the building industry. Why do you think this so important? 

The passion for the business. We’re in the business of home-ownership.

It’s not about building a home – the home is just the “thing” that offers you the security and the pathway to the dream that you have of being successful enough to own your own home. 

We want you to look past that. We want you to have the dream of being successful enough to own a few homes; this can then provide you with income for retirement. It’s a step toward financial freedom. The belief we have is that owning your own home, and then owning a couple of investment homes with rental income – THIS is what provides you with a good retirement. One thing is for sure; you have to get into the market to make a start. Do everything you can to get in the market – take two jobs, reduce your debt, etc., work on it. It IS possible, and people are doing it every day. 

We know situations can be hard. We know this very well. We see it, but we also see people achieve it – and it is one of the greatest feelings for us, seeing people achieve their dream of home-ownership. 

Sh*t happens. Life happens. Get back up and go for it again.

You may not be able to see a future of owning investment homes right now. Once you’re in the market, you start creating opportunities for yourself. It makes buying another home that little bit easier; just keep on keeping on.

What are the advantages of buying new? 

Between the Building Code of Australia (BCA), The Housing Industry of Australia (HIA) and Fairtrading, new home buyers are protected better than ever to ensure the longevity of the home and the happiness of the home-owner. That being said, homes are a man-made product, which is why we have added our Service Department, which assists all current and past clients with any issues they have with their home. 

Buying “new” means you have warranties and guarantees on different items throughout your home. You have certainty. With our homes, you move in, and there is nothing more for you to do. “Move in and cook a roast” is one of my favourite sayings I hear our Port Macquarie sales guy say. Everything is included in our homes. Of course, you will want to do things to it – as any proud home-owner does!

How can Hibbards help first time buyers, and what is save2buy? 

Our Save2buy program is where we help our clients save time and money so that they can purchase their own home as soon as possible. Each person has a unique situation. We assess each situation and work on it hand-in-hand with the client. We work to make sure that our client and their future home are both ready at the same time. Get assessed. It’s obligation-free, and it’s the first step you need to take. 

What are the most common questions or concerns that clients have when chatting to you?

This is the biggest decision for a financial purchase they have made in their life so far. It can be quite scary and overwhelming. It’s funny; the one question that is common for nearly all our clients is, “Is this for real?” They honestly feel it should be harder than we make it. Right up until they get the keys, and still when they do get the keys, they’re thinking, “What’s the catch?” (Check out our testimonial vids online – it’s great for us to hear about their experience, but it’s even greater for you guys to hear it for yourselves.)

People also ask things like, “What are the repayments?” and, “How much is the deposit?” 

 The answer to those questions varies with each house and with each person’s individual financial situation. We can say a dollar figure, but it’s unlikely to be true specifically for you. The question you need to ask is, “What is my affordability?” That’s the important information you need to know.

How can people find out more?

Contact the team in your region. They are ALL amazing! You can go on to our website and fill out a contact form, or call direct on the number for your region.


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