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Ever wondered if travelling in a group is right for you? Kerry Moss from Quadrant Travel gives you her top 10 benefits of travelling on a group tour.

1. You’ll gain valuable local knowledge and get access to things that you can’t do on your own. Whether it’s lunch in a 14th Century castle or knowing which street is the safest to walk on, being in a group allows you to learn from those who have travelled the path before you.

2. You can save money. Tour operators such as Quadrant Australia have access to group airfares and discounted hotel rates. When a company is able to purchase a larger number of rooms, they can get it for a cheaper price than if you were to book one room on your own. These savings are then passed on to you. Better still, share the cost of your room with a suitably matched person on the tour.

3. You can relax. Some say that when you travel as a group, you can leave the worry behind. You don’t need to think about flight times, travel routes and restaurant bookings; it’s all done for you in advance. Navigating red tape on your own can be exhausting, especially when you don’t know the language or customs.

4. Your time is precious. So you get your annual three week holiday and you start planning it, an hour here and there and before you know it, you’ve forgotten to pick the kids up from school because you were too busy researching how to get from Rome airport to your centrally located Rome hotel. Professional tour companies do this for a living; they know when, where and how much, and it takes them a quarter of the time to find it.

5. You’ll share first-time experiences with someone else. Nothing nicer than trekking to the top of a mountain and turning to the person beside you and saying, “We did that!” Sharing your experience with old and new friends enhances your holiday.

6. You’ll practice patience. Travelling with a group can be a selfless practice; you’ll share your space, you may compromise on timings, and you might need to give up the front seat of the coach occasionally. You don’t need to see this as a negative – quite the opposite. It’s a good reminder of worthwhile life skills

7. You’ll meet different people from different places. People who travel in groups connect with others they may not have otherwise. These meetings can result in lifelong friendships or might just teach us tolerance, both nationally and globally, but either way you’re better for it.

8. Food tastes better with friends. Don’t get me wrong; I’m comfortable dining on my own in a crowded restaurant, but nothing beats the laughter as you learn to use chopsticks together eating noodles in Shanghai. Being with a group gives you courage. I’m not sure I would have eaten jellyfish or haggis had I not been “encouraged” (some may say “pressured”!) by my new friends.

9. Safety in numbers. Need I say more?

10. No need to argue over directions any more. Be it in a bus, train or plane, you can be assured that your group travel program will be well managed. Sit back and relax and let someone else drive for a while. It might even save your marriage!

Happy (group) travels …

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