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With a passion for fashion and a flair for styling, Jacob Venn is taking the fashion world by storm. He was Born and raised on the Coffs Coast and fled the nest to pursue his dream in fashion. FOCUS had a styling session to find out more about his blossoming career and future plans …

What is your connection to Coffs Coast?

I had the privilege of growing up on the Coffs Coast, with my beautiful family still residing here.

Tell us about your background in fashion and your area of expertise?

I have walked a very colourful path within the fashion industry. With hard work and perseverance, came great opportunities, from collaborating with international identities coordinating/styling fashion shows for the Quicksilver Pro Surf Festival to working the frontline in retail settings.

As a result, I have enjoyed exposure to a wide variety of brands and ideologies in the ragtrade, always focusing on absorbing every experience and learning from mistakes and fortunes. Having been now exposed to a wide variety of audiences, I have a heightened appreciation for every individual’s needs, and an increased awareness of how to apply styling techniques.

What services do you provide?

StylewithJV has developed a flexible approach to personal styling. Each session is totally unique, dependent on what the client needs. This can include: wardrobe assessment (what works/does not work, organising the chaos), showing clients what does and doesn’t work for their shape, lifestyle, personality, colouring and height, followed with sourcing outfits based on the outline given by the client (men and women). A total style guide from head to toe. Should they require something not listed, the beauty of a personal styling session is that we can tailor it specifically for them.

StylewithJV also offers a helping hand when packing for that mid-season getaway. Allocating outfits, and hints on what additions to look for, depending on your destination. Stay stylish this vacay!

What gender and age group do you cater for?

Age is just a number, right? There are no barriers when booking a consultation. As for gender, I’ve found men are just as enthusiastic about their consultations as women.

Tell us about some of the new, exciting projects you are working on now and in the future.

Without giving too much away, I have been exploring online tutorials with clients and web based consultations, allowing anyone, anywhere, to have complete access to a Personal Style Consultant. It’s all about increasing my availability to a wider audience, without compromising delivery and results. Stay tuned!

What are some of the current trends?

Simplicity with a twist. Starting to feel the winter chill? Invest in quality denim, basic tees and a black leather jacket (there’s your simplicity) and then team with metallic boots or sneakers (you guessed it, the twist). Head to @stylewithjv for all your current trends.

The Chambray Shirt: Things to remember … Keep detailing to a minimum, as this will increase its versatility. Do not shy away from front tucking into a leather skirt, wide legged pant or chino. Treat this wardrobe addition as a staple piece for both casual and more formal occasions.

Focal Points: Empower your look with focal points. Footwear is a prime example of this. Allow your staple items to be worn with edge and flair.

Soft Fabrics: Allow the world to feel your sexiness, fragility, freedom, strength and fire. Introducing silks and satins into your wardrobe is huge at the moment.

White Sneakers: From the busy mum to the corporate woman. Pair these with literally anything! Yes, I said anything.

Intimates Inspired: Teamed with ripped jeans and a white sneaker. When day turns into night, slip into your thigh high boots and frayed denim shorts. SEXY!

The Coffs Cup Racing Carnival is about to kick off. Can you offer us some tips and advice about what is on trend at the moment?

Women: This year’s Coffs Cup will see a more structured look emerge. Suiting is practical, striking, subtle and “suitable” across all age groups. To help soften the look, keep all make up to a nude colour palette and introduce a fresh floral headpiece.

Men: There is a welcomed shift in men’s racewear this year. We are bringing back the traditional black and white combination. This clean and crisp look can be worn across all age groups and can be found at all local menswear stores.

What are the top three things that people should consider when choosing the right outfit and wardrobe?

1- Does it fall into your budget

2 – Is this a multi wear piece

3 – What would StylewithJV say

Since conception, what has been the most important thing to you as a local stylist?

The most important thing to any stylist is the client’s satisfaction. Seeing a client wearing an outfit that I had input with, in a public setting, radiating, smiling and oozing confidence. That’s “it”.

What do you  love most about the Coffs Coast?

We are spoilt for choice, be it fashion or food (God, the food!) There’s a convenience living in an area like the Coffs Coast that is second to none. I LOVE it!

Where do we find out more?

Head over to instagram and follow @stylewithjv or email me stylewithjv@outlook.com

Thanks Jacob.

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