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James Pask became interested in the spiritual world from quite a young age, after he found he could connect with energy, or Spirit. He set out to learn about all aspects of religion, spirituality and energy, studying different rituals, beliefs and healing techniques from all over the world and began experiencing great healing and growth himself. So, he decided to start offering these skills to others to help align this underlying energy with people’s physical, emotional and mental state. 

Hi James. Can you tell us about your connection and history with the Coffs Coast?

My wife, Debbie and I moved up to Repton about six years ago. We had a really successful business in Sydney – we were running our Rezinate business there; we had a clinic we worked out of, and we ran courses too. But, we just really felt called to make a sea change and get out of the busy city life. We both have a very deep and profound connection to nature, so we wanted to move to a place where we could broaden and deepen that connection and have a lot more nature around us, and the Coffs Coast certainly provided us with that! 

Can you tell us a bit about when you became interested in the spiritual world and what sparked this interest?

I was born in to a Catholic family and went to a Catholic school. We did religious studies at school, and I was always very interested in the concepts of God and the spiritual side of life. At one stage I even contemplated becoming a Brother or a Priest there, but then I discovered girls – and that all went out the window! 

Even then when I was at school, I was very sensitive to energy and I remember, because I was the class captain through most years at high school, I used to have to go to a lot of funerals representing the school, and I could hear things; I could hear voices and see energies and spirits. At the time when I asked around about this, what was provided to me were answers from the Catholic church, and they really didn’t make me feel better or give me any guidance at all. 

It wasn’t until I was about 19 and I started to be introduced to people after I left school that had some broader experience of life and some other ways of looking at things, that I started to learn more about the other spiritual practices out there around the world and then did a lot of investigation into that. 

I started studying different religions and philosophies quite deeply. I had some great teachers over that time, and it really helped me to heal some of my own personal issues that were going on for me. 

At what point did you realise you could use your knowledge and skills to help others in this area?

 I guess as I started to see some of the transformations in my own life from some of the healings I was having, and also the sense of inner peace and understanding that came from starting to learn about the universe and about energy. I just decided that everyone needs to know this information – everyone at least needs to be exposed to it as an option, and then they can feel if it’s for them or not. 

Ever since then, I’ve really been studying a whole range of different religious backgrounds, different scriptures and religious texts, as well as Indigenous understandings and learnings about culture and spirituality. So, I’m really lucky to have a very broad spectrum of things I’ve studied and come to my own knowingness in that. 

I guess when I first started applying it to healing, I could see if you did certain things physically you could heal, but I could also see that there was something else missing, and that was the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of what is going on for a person and what they need to shift and look into for them to really heal deeply.

You work as a team with your wife, Debbie. Has she also had a strong interest in this area for a long time? 

Yes, she has. She actually did a degree in Philosophy at university, so from the very get-go she was very interested in looking at this other side of life. 

She also has a background in the corporate world, with a career in the advertising industry, and she has achieved some amazing things! By age 26 she was the youngest board member for a large company in the advertising world. But, she suffered some burn out after working very hard, so she threw her awareness into alternative healing, to help her recover through that burn out. And again, because of the results she had for herself, she then studied that more in depth and realised her desire to start helping people as well. 

Where we differ is because of her extensive career in corporate life, she is actually able to really bridge that gap between the corporate world and the metaphysical healing world and really help people in that area, so she does business coaching, life coaching, really helps people transform when they’re going through big transitions in their life and get their work life balanced with their spiritual life. 

So between the both of us, we offer quite a broad spectrum of things that we’re able to assist people with.

What made you decide to combine forces and go into this business together?

When we first met, one of the reasons we got along so well was we realised we had these common interests in metaphysical healing and so on. The reason we decided to combine forces was that we realised that, although we were both interested in the same line of work, we had a different purpose in those areas and we saw that because we both had these passions in these different areas within alternative health, we could actually help a very broad spectrum of people and offer quite a wide variety of services between the two of us.

Can you tell us about some of the services you provide and where people can find out more?

It’s all about healing, connection and transformation. I guess it gets broken down into sessions, retreats, and then we also have online courses. You can find out more details from our website: www.rezinate.com.au

Thanks James.

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