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How do you define your business’ unique selling point?

JFHF combines Nutritional Coaching with my personal training skills, as well as my instructing skills to reach so many facets of my clients’ health and fitness journey. Walking the walk and talking the talk … If I could teach my clients anything, it would be the importance of consistency. It is imperative to make changes that are achievable, measurable and can be adopted into your lifestyle.There is NO SUCH THING as a quick fix; if you want it, you have to work damn hard (as I have) but you also have to be able to live and love life! My job is about providing my clients with the tools and the confidence to create a healthy life they love.

What is the most interesting part of your industry/role?

The fact that I get to work so closely with so many different people who are on their own journeys and trust me enough to allow me into their lives.

What are you passionate about, and is your passion also your work?

I am incredibly passionate about health, fitness, instructing classes for my participants and challenging people to push their limits: whether it be a new PB, or simply getting their steps up every day. Everybody’s body is different and has been through different challenges. My motto is “YOU do YOU”. Since studying nutrition, I have learned the importance of fuelling your body with the right foods and what phenomenal changes the right nutritional choices can make on your health and fitness.

Do you have any changes planned for 2019 within your business? If so, what are they and how will they benefit your customers?

Well, I have fallen in love with Body Balance and Yoga! Slowing my busy mind down by incorporating meditation and mindfulness into my everyday practices has made the biggest difference to me as a trainer, an instructor and as a human. I love imparting this joy, peace and clarity on to others and challenging my clients and participants to adopt it into their lives. I also plan on continuing to kick my own butt and reaching out to a huge audience of national instructors by presenting on the NSW LES MILLS Body Attack Team! I do have several other exciting projects that I am working on, but they are not quite ready to offer to the world yet!

Who has been your biggest inspiration?

Michelle Bridges has consistently been my biggest inspiration in the fitness industry. On a more personal level, my clients inspire me on a daily basis. Every person carries a life story with them and when I see them challenge themselves, push through adversity, reach their goals, be courageous and show pride in their actions … it confirms for me why I do what I do.

J.F.H.F top tips to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle – MOVE YOUR BODY! Wake up an hour earlier each day to walk, run, train or do something active – make small, achievable changes/goals – meditate daily – incorporate mindfulness into your life – be kind to yourself – surround yourself with positive likeminded people who want the best out of you – be very mindful that nutrition controls your body fat, and weight training will shape your body – enjoy the process.

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