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Julia Morris is one of Australia’s favourite comedians. Currently living in LA, she has come back home for a hilarious new tour. She tells us more …




You’ve been living and working in LA for the past year. How has that experience been so far?

It is ongoing, and it’s been terribly exciting, stressful and all of the most intense things that moving to a new city can give you. We have no headlines yet as such, but from what everybody says about LA, it’s a 5-year commitment to try and make things happen – so that’s what we’re going to try and do. In the meantime, the trick is to stay financially afloat while the dream is unfolding. I’m at school at the moment, in a Hollywood school called Lesly Kahn.

I rehearse with my class all sorts of sitcom scenes pretty much every single day, and the rest of the time I am either out to stand-up gigs, or I go out to auditions. I still commute out to Australia about every 6 or 7 weeks for 3 days at a time for certain gigs.

Is the showbiz culture much different between Australia and the US?

One of the first things that was told to me pretty early in the piece was that I would have to lose some weight. Even though I would know that’s true, no one in Australia in the industry would tell me to do that, because I’m already established. But here, because I’m breaking in, I can’t afford not to take the advice of people who are working. So I just stopped my carbs after 5, and I’ve dropped something like 25 kg in the last 12 months. I’m feeling good with it.

Let’s take a step back to where you won It Takes Two in 2008 …

Who would’ve thought! I was only saying to somebody last week that no one is denying the most superior voice in the competition was the lovely Virginia Gay. She has the voice of a goddess. I think that maybe at that particular point in time the general public seemed to respond to me mucking around!

I’m not convinced it was an actual singing competition. Plus, I can’t deny that it was really David Hobson who would’ve pulled the votes on side. He is really so deeply loved, it’s insane.

But we have seen you showcase your amazing vocal talents since on shows like Good News Week …

How sweet are they for letting me continue to sing! I say to Ted, the Executive Producer, “Geez you’re a good boy for letting me sing. Was there no one else around this week?” and he has a little giggle. They’re very very kind to me.

Right now you’re back in Australia for a tour. Tell us about it.

The tour was really to get back to Australia to find out what people are laughing about and make that connection again. We’ve been so lucky so far. Our houses have been chock full of people who are there to laugh, so I just know from the opening lines that we’re in for a good night.

I’ve got the wonderful Jackie Loeb, who has kindly agreed to come on the tour with me, because she’s also home from America at the moment. So she goes on first and when they first start to giggle and I can see them moving in their seats back and forward absolutely cacking, I think, “Oh my god, if you’re laughing at that, you’re going to explode by the end of the night”!

You’re bringing your tour to the Sawtell RSL. Have you been up this way before?

Yes, I was up for Tubby’s White Whales last year, where we were all having a great love affair! But my big love affair of course, is with Dannielle Wallace, the Australian designer who lives in Coffs – and she’s a great mate.

I’ve also got friends in Dorrigo, so I’ve literally got friends coming from far and wide to see the Sawtell show. Rumours have reached my ears that my dear friend Jon English might even be there. So I will be on stage for about 15 hours, because no one will be able to get me off. I’ll be so excited! It should be great fun!

Thanks Julia. Good luck with the tour.

Julia Morris will be performing at Sawtell RSL on Saturday 4 June. For more information, contact the Club on 6653 1577.


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