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Kombi Keg Mid North Coast is a unique local business that has become a popular addition to weddings and functions in the area. We had a chat with Zac White about how the idea came about and what makes it such a stand out bar!

Hi! Tell us how you came to be on the Coffs Coast?

Having grown up on the Mid North Coast and loving the childhood I had, I wanted to give my children the same lifestyle that I was lucky enough to have. Working full-time, a roster change gave my partner, Jess, and I the opportunity to move back to Scotts Head, and I could not jump at it quick enough.

Having spent the last year in Scotts and doing events around the area, I know I have made the right decision to come back. With the welcome addition of our first little girl, Milla, who decided to join the world early on the 3/1/18, I can not wait to have her grow up on the beach, where my favourite childhood memories came from!

Can you tell us about the Kombi Keg and the service you provide?

Kombi Keg is a unique mobile bar with a difference! We provide you with a classic Kombi that has six taps on the side for pouring some of your favourite beverages from: beers, ciders, home brew, cocktails, wines, or even non alcoholic beverages … in fact,anything. We can put nearly any liquid through it!

The Kombi has a 55 inch screen TV that pops out of the roof so you can display your photos, slideshows, company logos, play videos or music clips or watch your favourite sports event live.

There are two large tubs located in the back filled to the brim with ice to put any other beverages in if we run out of taps. We have two bench options to choose from – the classic surfboard or the rustic timber bench, whichever best suits your event.

Do you have certain drinks on offer, or can your customers chose whatever they would like to serve?

One of the best features of Kombi Keg is the choice, selection and freedom that our customers have in choosing their beverages to be served from the Kombi Keg to personally suit their event. There is no set drink; customers are free to choose their own selections – anything from beer, cider, wine, cocktails, pre-mix spirits, soft drink, kombucha, and the list goes on! If it’s not supplied in a keg, we have empty kegs which we can provide for the brew to go in.

How did the idea of the Kombi Keg come about?

It all began on the 7th August 2015, with a dream of creating a mobile bar out of a Kombi van. A friend of mine, Phil Hoken, purchased a 1976 VW Kombi van from Surf St, Port Macquarie and went about stripping and restoring it! With the help of his friends and many 2am finishes, the concept of Kombi Keg started to take shape. On the 21st November 2015, Phil took the van to a mate’s birthday, and “Kombi Keg” was launched!

Phil decided to post a picture of the finished product on Facebook. To date, that picture has been shared over 35,000 times, and in less than 12 months the “Kombi Keg” Facebook page gained over 65,000 likes and one of our videos received over 3.2 million views!

After this astonishing result, Phil began buying Kombi vans from all over Australia and restoring them for future franchisees. Kombi Keg now has ,over 26 franchises worldwide in Australia, USA, Indonesia, South Africa, UK, and New Zealand soon to be launched.

How much work went into converting the Kombi?

Countless hours went into the original Kombi Keg and many more refining the product to what it is now. Simply too many hours to add up!

Had you ever worked on a Kombi restoration/conversion before?

Personally I have been around many restoration projects, as my father’s shed always had a restoration project inside. Phil is more the hands on person when it comes to restoratio – a mechanic by trade, he is really a jack of all trades when it comes to building Kombi Kegs.

What sort of events do people usually hire you for?

Kombi Keg can be hired for absolutely any event. We cater for all clients’ needs, whether it be a small gathering, milestone birthday parties, engagements, weddings, corporate functions, festivals, markets, and the list goes on. Kombi Keg can be providing ice cold beverages in minutes.

What kind of reaction do you get from the crowd at events?

People love pouring their own drinks from the Kombi Keg – that is one of the main attractions to hiring this unique mobile bar! We have had a great response at every event, whether it be from VW enthusiasts who are amazed at the transformation of the Kombi or excited guests who can’t wait to give it a go; the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

It’s quite a unique business; what are some of the most unique events you’ve been a part of?

Kombi Keg has been hired by the likes of James Squire, Summer Bright, XXXX, Bundaberg Rum, Pimms, Summer. Having Pimms hire it for the Midnight Oil concert was a highlight, as was the wedding of Israel Folou, where he hired it for his bar! With some exciting bookings coming up, you will see Kombi Keg feature at the end-of-season pool party at White Water World at Dreamworld.

Is it just the Kombi Keg that you have on offer, or are there any other services you  provide?

No, we do offer another Kombi! That being a 21 window “Samba” wedding car. With eight seats, it is a real feature piece for wedding pictures. Adding to this, we do offer other bar options if the Kombi Keg is not the bar to suit your wedding.

Thanks Zac.

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