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Ladies Night (the original Full Monty) comes to town this month and is sure to be a laugh and a half. FOCUS chats to Ali, the play’s Director and Co-Producer about what we can expect.



We understand that the play ‘Ladies Night’ was written by  a couple of New Zealanders 25 years ago. Tell us about the story behind the play.

The guys who wrote Ladies Night, Peter Sinclair and Anthony McCarden, came up with this script and from what I can work out, they didn’t really do a lot with it. I think it was performed on a small scale. Then a few years later they were at the movies and they saw a film called The Full Monty and realised that it was their script and they’d been totally ripped off! So they sued the UK film company for 158 million pounds and settled out of court. It all got resolved, but that’s how it came about.

So … Ladies Night is the original script for The Full Monty.
So what’s the show all about?

Well, you’re talking about average guys here. It’s the story of five unemployed guys. They’re all working together as motor mechanics and they find out they’ve been retrenched, so they go out on the booze.

They’re all on a bit of a downer, and they’re standing out the back of a club where the Chippendales happen to be performing. They hear how well it’s going and they figure, how hard can it be to take off your clothes to a bit of music! They say: “These guys are making a fortune! Surely it can’t be that hard; so let’s give it a go!”

So they decide to give it a go, they run it past the local guy who runs his club down the road, and he doesn’t want a bar of it. But he gets convinced by an ex-dancer, and she says she can whip them into shape within 6 weeks’ time. Then that’s where all the fun begins.
How long have you been working on the production?

We’ve been working on it for about a year. In that year we’ve done a SE QLD tour; we’re also touring it down the coast as far as Forster.
What’s your role?

I’m a Co-Producer and I am the Director. I had to do all the auditions and see all these men wanting to take off their clothes. It’s a tough job, but somebody had to do it ha ha! And trust me: they didn’t have any inhibitions about doing that … they were more than keen for us to view what they had. Which was kind of funny, because I thought we might have a shortage of men wanting to take their clothes of – but there was an abundance! They’re not shy at all!
What’s your favourite thing about working on ‘Ladies Night’?

Oh, it’s a laugh! The men are so un-co! Trying to watch them get two steps in synchronisation is hysterical! It’s a different show every night … it’s hilarious!

And they’ve all got excellent comedic timing, so if something does go wrong, they know how to milk it and turn it into something funny.

But I just enjoy seeing the guys up there trying to do it … and they really think they’re hot! We indulge their egos as much as possible.

The enjoyable thing for the audience is that they’re watching this show about average guys and they can relate, because it could be like their husband or their boyfriend. They’re just normal guys who’ve decided to have a go; that’s why it’s so good.
Thanks Ali.

Ladies Night will be on show at C.ex Coffs on Friday 25 November, 8pm. Tickets are $35 or $30pp for a table of 12. Tickets on sale now at or from the club. Adults only show.


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