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Heritage Healers is a unique holistic skincare business whose products spring from the beauty of wildflower essences.

Founder, Leanne Lovatt, recently decided to relocate their headquarters to the beautiful Coffs Coast.

A brief history of Heritage Healers.

Leanne first discovered holistic treatments in her early 20s, when she developed stress-related acne. After trying all kinds of skincare products, treatments and cosmetics, she visited a therapist, who suggested she consider the internal, emotional factors causing problems with her skin.

“I needed to heal the inner as well as the outer,” Leanne said.

She began exploring a range of alternative therapies, including homeopathy and Chinese medicine, before trying wildflower essences – and was amazed at the results.

“Within two months, 80 per cent of my acne had disappeared,” she said.

At the same time that she discovered wildflower essences, Leanne was also running her own successful beauty salon, employing a team of therapists and enjoying a strong clientele. Impressed with the positive effects she had experienced, she began offering personalised wildflower essence treatments to her clients, who were equally impressed with the results.

Leanne’s passion for treating the body as a whole, from the outside in, continued to grow. Realising a gap in the market, she began to explore the possibility of producing her own products to use in her expanding repertoire of treatments.

But such an ambitious project would require some serious funding, and she faced the challenge of finding others to help finance her idea. Leanne began pitching her concept to potential investors. Interest was strong from the start.

Among the first to invest in her business plan were existing clients from her beauty salon who had seen the results first hand – a show of confidence that gave Leanne all the energy needed to realise her vision and bring a new concept in beauty therapy to the professional skincare industry.

The growth of the business was solid from day one, and now Heritage Healers’ unique products and treatments can be found in professional Beauty Salons, Day Spas and Wellness Centres throughout Australasia. Through continued research, development and innovation, Heritage Healers has developed a reputation as the market leader and educator in holistic beauty therapy.

What is the mantra behind your company?

Our mantra is to ‘live a beautiful life …’

What this means to me is to experience real beauty and balance from within. When we achieve this internal balance and beauty, we gain a special confidence, a unique energy that helps us to present our best face to the world and work in harmony with it.

And this is my mission – to deliver inspirational wellness and beauty products, treatments and education that make a real, positive difference in our skin and health.

I also believe very strongly that an important part of this process is ‘to walk our talk’. In every aspect, my company reflects my personal organic ethos and my passionate belief in the importance of protecting and sustaining the future of our beautiful planet.

With our products and treatments we can help our clients to create life-balance, total well-being and a youthful vitality, and this is the key to living the most beautiful life!

What is the essence of your products?

Users of flower essences understand there is a connection between the emotional (energy) body and the physical body – what affects one affects the other.

Stress, caused by a relationship break-up for example, may create a lock, or imbalance in your body where energy has stopped flowing freely. Flower essences work like a key – sending our body a message to unfasten the lock, or clear the blockage, and let the stress go.

The essences can be taken orally or applied to the body’s chakras (a centre of spiritual power in the body designed to balance the flow of energy that enhances wellbeing). When flower essences with their own healing messages enter the bloodstream, they assist in creating balance and harmony with the natural vibrations of the body’s energy systems. They help create a balance by working on our emotional energy levels, which in turn creates a change in our physical body.

When it comes to skincare and beauty products, any stress in our lives will directly affect the appearance of our skin. By incorporating flower essences into your daily beauty routine, you’re helping to resolve the inner imbalance that may be the real cause of your skin problems such as dehydration, pimples, wrinkles and so on.

We combine our modern skincare science with the 40,000 year old ancient healing wisdom of flower essences … the result is a wonderful inner calm, inner health, vibrancy and confidence that is the key to healthy, youthful skin.

Why did you move your headquarters to the Coffs Coast?

We had really outgrown our Sydney office, and when we were looking for more space, that’s when we began romancing the sea change idea!

The move to this region is very much in keeping with our company’s mantra ‘live a beautiful life’, and we are already enjoying the lifestyle change this serene environment brings.

As one of Australia’s leading Spa Magazines (Spa Australasia) wrote … “If an holistic skin care company can’t choose to base itself on the beautiful North Coast, who can?!”

The area is very popular with organic growers and manufacturers, so we won’t have to look far to source the pure, natural ingredients we need; plus, Coffs Harbour is large enough to have the infrastructure to meet our operational needs.

Another factor is the easy travel – for example, it is now quicker (and much more RELAXED!) for me to jump on a plane to Sydney and connect with my international flights than it was to battle the awful Sydney traffic from our old office to the airport!

Finally a big factor, that was our ‘decision-maker, was when we conducted preliminary interviews for key team members last year … we were thrilled by the expertise, but most importantly, the enthusiasm of the beautiful people in this region – we have a reputation for outstanding customer service, and I am really happy that the new team we are building in Coff’s Harbour is already exceeding those high expectations!

What’s next for Heritage Healers?

To grow, grow and GROW!

We have a great base of professional salons, spas and wellness centres throughout Australia. I want to duplicate this success overseas – the whole world needs some serious Heritage Healing!

A note from the Editor …

I have always had problems with my skin, and over the past months my energy levels have been up and down like a rollercoaster. Pimples and exhaustion had become somewhat the norm for me – particularly in times of high stress. When Heritage Healers moved to Coffs Harbour, Leanne introduced me to her products and her therapies. I was treated to a Chakra balancing, something I was admittedly a bit sceptical of at first, but it did leave me feeling energised and much more relaxed for weeks.

I also had the pleasure of experiencing a Wildflower Facial and was given a personal skincare prescription based on both my skin type and my personality. Because the products and therapies were tailored exactly to suit ME, I could see instant results after the first facial! With continued use of Heritage Healers’ products, my skin has cleared up significantly and feels more radiant than ever before.

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