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Enjoying optimal health involves prevention as well as cure … a greater sense of wellbeing can be yours by taking a natural approach.




Share with us a brief history of Lightstream Health Clinic.

Lightstream Health Clinic has been operating in the main street of Sawtell for 14 years.

Andrew and Judy have an extensive history in natural health. Andrew teaches herbal medicine and nutrition at the NSW School of Natural Medicine, and Judy has taught communication skills and meditation /relaxation techniques and run many seminars in stress management for health professionals. Consequently, Andrew and Judy are able to keep abreast of the current research into natural medicines and can offer clients legitimate/functional alternatives to taking pharmaceutical drugs, known to have a myriad of health side-effects.

Most people would be aware that you offer massage, but you also provide services such as counselling, naturopathy and nutrition. What expertise / treatments do you offer clients.

Andrew specialises in advising and supporting people who want an alternative to just taking pharmaceutical drugs or are undergoing chemotherapy / radiotherapy.

Judy helps those with busy lifestyles function at their optimum potential, by giving couples or individuals the skills to communicate more effectively and become aware of any barriers that are stifling their relationships – whether in the home or at work. Judy encourages practical skills for her clients, such as meditation, breathing techniques and time management according to each client’s individual emotional, mental, physical and spiritual needs.

Nutrition is understanding that the food we eat can be either a medicine or a poison. The knowledge about what foods most benefit our particular health issues will vary with each individual.

Introduce us to your team and their background / qualifications.

Andrew is a Naturopath, with a Bachelor of Health Science in Complementary Medicine, an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy, and Diplomas in Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Remedial Massage, and certificates in Acupressure Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, and Reflexology.

Judy is a Counsellor with a Graduate Diploma of Psychology, a Bachelor of Counselling and a medical background as a Registered Nurse, particularly in oncology and cancer therapies. Judy co-manages the Clinic with Andrew and combines her knowledge of natural medicine with counselling couples and individuals in distress.

Carol Hartman has a Diploma of Acupuncture from NSW College of Natural Therapies and Hang Zhou Red Cross Hospital in China as well as a Diploma of Japanese Medicine. Carol also runs a very successful Tai Chi class at the Sawtell Surf Club. Carol is available on Wednesdays at Lightstream.

Annette Edwards has an Advanced Diploma of Nutrition, and Diploma in Swedish Massage and Acupressure. Annette is available for massage, especially for those who prefer a woman.

These days many people are time poor and can often neglect their health. What advice do you have for these people, and how can your clinic help them maintain their health despite their busy lifestyles?

Coping with stress, anxiety and just managing to keep up with our busy lifestyles sometimes requires assistance or emotional support when we are going through a particular problem or striving to keep a relationship healthy. We offer counselling and naturopathic services for those in need, especially in times of crisis.

You have chosen to use a tortoise as your symbol. What is the significance of this particular animal?

The tortoise symbolises the every day to day effort you make to look after your health, which over one’s lifespan, can lead to good health and mobility as we age.

The tortoise also creates images of slowly but steadily accomplishing what I set out to achieve, rather than the quick hare-like rise to great heights, only to fail at the end.

In Hindu mythology, the tortoise symbolises giving others the tools to move on and be independent, without any attachment to the outcome of our interventions.

Any final words of wisdom?

Whatever your health needs, we have the team to offer you practical help.


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