Luke and Shannae Morris, New Breed Strength & Movement

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Luke and Shannae Morris are high school sweethearts who are now raising their two children here on the Coffs Coast, whilst also running their business together – combining their skills and strengths to start a New Breed of gym and balancing their work and home life as a family.

Hi  New Breed … We hear you like to be called an “Alternate Gym” – why is that?

We are more based around a training centre that focuses not only on “fitness”, but rather a larger variety of methodologies and lifestyle practices. For example, we don’t just get fit – we actually teach skill sets that are based around performance and practical purposes, as well as assisting that development with things like nutrition, breathwork, combatives, mindset, environments, culture, plus a bunch more stuff. 

Our facility is also very unique and alternate to modern setups too. We have a tonne of living plants around, climbing walls, obstacles, open spaces, logs, and rocks, plus we have pretty much ditched the shoes so we can work on re-establishing our movement mechanics without the reliance on requiring “lifting” or “running” shoes etc. We have a motto that goes around at the gym: “leave your shoes and egos at the door”, so our culture is quite chilled and focused on exposing the reality of our capabilities. We don’t hide behind numbers on a bar; we always challenge and go into our weakest spots, so when the results are in, our tribe is prepared. 

Our offerings aren’t just limited to coaching or training either, as you might see in most gyms. We have a tribe education and support system which allows us to dive deeper into each individual member and get to really understand their needs and requirements, to make gains in all aspects of life. Our system also provides a range of health practitioner products to even eco-friendly items – speaking of that, we have sourced a large chunk of our set up from recyclable and environmentally friendly things, so it’s a really cool gym to hang out in and check out the cool stuff too. 

So to sum it up, we focus on long term sustainable progress in a gym that is cool to hang out in,and the tribe are likeminded individuals chasing the same long term success. We are essentially carving our own path in the industry and aim to make a massive impact on the lives of our community. 

How long have you been involved within the Coffs Gym Culture?

We’ve been a part of the gym culture since 2012 now. We knew the Coffs Coast needed our unique style of training and culture, so we gave every inch of our lives and embraced every bit of struggle to make this dream come true. 

How many people make up New Breed, and what is the age range? 

We have a very solid tribe made up of women and men, kids and teens, varying from ages five – 55 years. We have programs that communicate our philosophy to most ages, which is pretty awesome, since we literally have the ambition to change the world. 

What sort of preparation goes into getting ready for training with NB?

Well, as our methods are so unique, we focus on setting the standards high when it comes to any area of being a part of NB. First, we have a conversation on what the long term game is, then we go through and introduce you everything about our philosophies, methodologies, coaching staff, tribe members, and we begin crafting the path that you will take to reach your goals. We have a beginner program to enter you into the world of lifestyle success, to make this transition as smooth as possible. 

Who makes up the team there?

We have an amazing Coaching Crew at NB. Let’s take a peek … 

Luke: Leading Mindset/Movement/ Strength/Conditioning/Combatives Coach and Qualified Nutritionist. 

Shannae: Admin/ Yoga and Stretch Coach with a background in Natural Healing and Yoga Philosophy.

Tom: Movement/Foundations Coach with a passion for movement education and handstands! 

Hailey: Kids and Adults Yoga/Maverick Dance Coach, with years of contemporary dance and self-expressive movement. 

Reed: Strength and Development/Personal Training. Reed’s our resident surfer dude, who is also a lifeguard. 

Bec: Kids and Teens Dance/ Yoga Therapy Coach. Bec has many years of experience working with children and families from all backgrounds, Yoga and Meditation healing and sign language. 

What special events and workshops do you hold at NB?

We are regularly hosting/running workshops throughout the year. We recently just ran our Tribe Retreat, which focused on bushcraft, survival skills, mindset, breathwork, and connection. As a part of our education system, we have in-house workshops for the tribe, such as Nutrition, Mindset, Movement Specialty workshops, plus we are launching our Set The Standard Beginners Program soon, to simply touch the tip of the iceberg. 

Set The Standard Program – can you explain what this is? And who can participate?

Absolutely. Our Newest Beginner Program, “Set The Standard” is an eight-week program of two sessions/seminars a week, with intensive education from our coaches on our philosophies and movement/ mindset modalities. 

This program is for the local men and women who want fun and practical long term gains in health, as well as to get a taste of how and why we train the ways we do at NB and to leave feeling insightful and ready to embark on their journey within the gym culture. 

If you want to reach out and have a chat, you can find us here:

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