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Mark & Lucy Singh are a total inspiration! The couple recently decided to introduce a complete lifestyle change. The results are amazing! These two lovebirds are the happiest and healthiest they have ever been. FOCUS had a chat to them both to find out what inspired them to make a change ….

What is your connection to the Coffs Coast?

Lucy: My grandparents were Coffs locals. I used to visit from Mittagong on holidays a few times a year. I fell in love with the area and knew I’d settle here one day. I’ve lived on the Coffs Coast for almost six years now.

Mark: Originally moved up here from Camden to run the Plantation Hotel in 2011, moved away to Mackay for a short time, and then came back to run Moonee Beach Tavern.

When and how did you first meet each other?

We met in 2012 at a mutual friend’s 21st at the Coffs Rugby Club.

Tell us about your wedding day….

We were married October 2015 at Marlowe House in Woolgoolga. It was important to us to have all our family and friends present on our wedding day. It was not a small event! The celebrations lasted over about four days, and we incorporated a number of local live music acts. It was unforgettable, and just so completely us.

Tell us about your two beautiful daughters …

Matilda is three and a force of nature. She has an incredible imagination and loves being the centre of attention. Cadence is 16 months and loves her food and cuddles. Her favourite word is “mermaid”.

You have recently transformed your body and lifestyle. How has that changed you as a person, partner and parent?

Mark: As person, I’m open to new ideas and that there is no one solution, as a partner I feel I’m more in tune with my wife’s needs and am more involved, and as a father, it makes me proud to want to be a positive role model for them.

Lucy: Since the program I now have the energy to do the things that I love. I always thought I was being a hero by putting myself last. But by not looking after myself, I could not care for my family. I’m a much more present mum for the girls, and Singha absolutely loves my new glow.

So where do you think it went wrong?

Mark: In the wrong career, bad eating habits and not really putting value on my health.

Lucy: I gained a lot of weight during pregnancy. My energy levels were so low, I wasn’t looking after myself. I’d look for easy food options, which were often unhealthy.

What is your diet and exercise background?

Mark: I’ve always stayed active and played rugby since school, but the diet was never really a priority until I made it one.

Lucy: In the past I’ve been a yo-yo dieter. I tried some crazy things, but never found something sustainable that I could stick to.

What motivated you to find a solution to the problem?

Mark: Weighing in at over 200 kg was the turning point; I suffered from sleep apnoea and during my first visit to the sleep clinic, I stepped on the scales in front of Lucy and felt so embarrassed.

Lucy: After Cadence was born, I was at my heaviest weight ever. My energy levels were so low; I just wanted everyone to leave me alone, so I could sleep in bed all day. My relationships with Singha and my friends were suffering, and I wasn’t being the mum I wanted to be.

How did you go about making that positive change?

Lucy: I was introduced to nutritional cleansing by a friend, who reached out to me via Facebook. I was sceptical, expecting the program to be yet another “diet”. But, I gave it a go anyway. I saw the physical results so quickly, and within days my energy had returned and I was feeling like myself again!

Mark: After having elective surgery, I used the nutritional cleansing program to ensure I was getting the best nutrition possible and to help me continue to reach my weight loss goals.

What have you been doing together to achieve your personal goals?

Singha: Lots more family activities, gym, still playing rugby and keeping each other motivated and on track when it comes to following the nutritional cleansing program.

Lucy: We live a very busy lifestyle, so have limited time for exercise. Luckily, the nutritional program fits easily into our routine. We do our cleanse days together and support each other.

What goals have you achieved so far?

Singha: Lost 76 kg, had to buy a whole new wardrobe, and I’m still playing rugby at 40.

Lucy: I have lost 32 kg and feel happy in my skin for the first time in years. But I think the biggest transformation for me has been my energy results. I’m a completely different person to the shell I was nine months ago.

What are your goals for the future?

We want to help as many people as possible to change their futures like we have … To inspire them to want to achieve their own health goals, be it weight loss, more energy or just better overall health.

What is the most useful advice you could share with our readers?

If nothing changes, nothing changes. Take the first step; don’t put off something that you could have started yesterday.

For those who might be interested in finding out a bit more about the program, we are having an information night on Tuesday 28th November and Tuesday 5th December from 7pm at the Coffs Rugby Club on Hogbin Drive.

Thanks guys.

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