Matt Donovan, Restaurateur/Executive Chef

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Surf Club Restaurant & Bar is our second venue after running the highly successful Deep Sea Fishing Club restaurant from 2000 until 2008. We love the ocean views, the happy, warm atmosphere and our ever growing loyal customers.

I have lived in the Park Beach/Jetty area of Coffs Harbour for most of my life, and my entire family were involved with the Coffs Harbour SLSC in the ‘80s/’90s. It just felt right that we (me and my business partner, Nicole) take up the offer to start a new restaurant/venue within the Surf Club.

I love living,working and raising a family on the Coffs Coast and believe in supporting our community by giving back. I’m very proud that we have gone from employing ten local people to 35 staff in the eight and half years we have been operating Surf Club Restaurant and Bar. We support numerous local sporting groups, Surf Lifesaving, and more recently, Clark Webb’s Aboriginal language education program (BMNAC). We give to many charities, including Cancer Council, Special Children’s Xmas Party and the Red Cross, also offering vouchers to help with many local fundraisers. Having a large family, we are involved in a variety of sporting groups, including soccer, surfing, rugby league and our family’s obsession, Crossfit! We also support BWN, Coffs Tourism, Rotary and the Chamber of Commerce. All our suppliers are local, and we prefer to buy produce that is grown in our region. We have so much to be proud of. We all need to get behind our local businesses wherever possible, so we may all thrive and help each other grow.

Surf Club Restaurant & Bar
Coffs Harbour Surf Life Saving Club, 23 Surf Club Rd, Coffs Harbour
6652 9870

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