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FOCUS had a chat with Peter Bulanyi, Owner of Mega Watt Power. Here is what he had to say …

Can you tell us a little bit about your team’s background and experience in this industry?

Mega Watt Power is an innovation leader in the Australian solar industry. Our team consists of around 30 staff in a number of areas. We have a sales team, local technical team, FIFO solar farm team and of course, the admin team. Our local technical team consists of engineers, electricians and technicians who provide our customers with the design, installation and maintenance capability that is fundamental to a great solar power business. 

On the face of it, solar power seems simple enough, but behind the scenes, there is an incredible amount going on. Selecting the right manufacturers, designing the most efficient and reliable systems, installing them with care and pride, monitoring their long term performance, repairing when necessary – all these things we do to the highest possible level, and we don’t leave it to chance.

We are interested in the science of what we do with solar power, and that means we invest in people who are passionate about ensuring we deliver our energy and cost-saving promises. Our service technicians at our 15 Isles Drive workshop are career electronics engineers working down to the component level inside inverters. They receive inverters locally and Australia wide, repair them and put them back into service. This is a unique capability, and it is extremely important to us, as we don’t believe in the throw-away society, and never have. 

Our technicians (including myself) have contributed over the past 30 years to the repair of around 10,000 inverters. That’s enough to fill twenty 40 ft sea-containers of e-waste not going to landfill, by providing them with a second life. 

We can’t repair every inverter, but we can try, and we do our best to save people money and prevent wasting the precious resources that were consumed in the manufacture of the inverter. 

What makes Mega Watt Power different from other companies in the local area?

Firstly, our depth of knowledge and experience is unique not just in the local area, but in Australia. The funny thing is that many of our competitors even rely on us for technical support. We don’t mind helping to an extent, as we are known as a friendly business, but more importantly, it is our vertical integration that makes us entirely unique. 

In plain language, solar power is a technical enterprise; there is no guesswork in good solar outcomes. We don’t rely on others to determine what our market offer should be; rather, we work it out from the source knowledge what the best mix of efficiency, reliability, quality, cost performance and commercial reality is … and then we support our decisions with technical horsepower and resources that no other local company has. 

Secondly, we really are a friendly business. We choose not to pursue aggressive, marketing-based “push” sales. Quite the opposite; we prefer the gentle approach with sales, in which we describe our offer, work with the customer’s needs, and allow the customer the air to breathe so that they can make the choice that is right for them. This has always been our method, and always will be. 

We know that around 90% of the solar power installations in the district are not done by locally owned and operated companies like ours, which is a real shame, so it is extremely important that we turn that around, whilst remaining 100% true to our values. 

Tell us about the products you carry and their benefits?

All our products are selected on the basis of the manufacturer’s corporate bankability and governance, their technical performance, their value and most importantly, their reliability. It’s a difficult set of benchmarks; however, if anyone is well placed to choose the best market offer, it is us. 

Thirty years in the solar business must be some kind of record, and whilst I do believe that the universe has been kind to our business, we have moved mountains to get to here.

Our Solis grid connect inverters are manufactured in China mostly, with Japanese, USA, 

 and European electronic components. They sit in the middle of the price point but offer the highest value. Since changing to this brand around five years ago, we have had less than 10 units fail. The reliability is extreme, and that is critical. Our Hybrid Battery offer is Tesla PowerWall2. 

The first PowerWall1 did not impress us at all, and we stayed well away. When the PowerWall2 was released, with twice the performance at half the price, a compact design, brilliant app, we decided to run with it … and I’m very glad we did. 

Tell us about your community involvement.

Our community involvement is very important to us. We take our social responsibility seriously. In the first instance, we have trained 16 local electronics technicians and electrical apprentices. This is a story in itself. 

We have donated our time and products to many local, national and international causes. We tend not to publicise what we do, because we always felt these things should be done from the heart and not leveraged for commercial gain; however, now that we know around 90% of the local installs are not performed by locally owned and operated companies, we realise that we do need to speak about our gifts and sponsorships in the local community and to show people that buying from us has additional value beyond the written quote.

What are your plans for the future of Mega Watt Power?

The future for Mega Watt Power is to remain at the technical forefront of solar power with investment in new performance measuring technologies, to learn to speak loudly and proudly about our capabilities and our community involvement, but most of all to never change our core value, which is to care about our customers’ best interests and to remain passionate about the work that we do.

Thanks, Peter.

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