Missy Higgins

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Missy Higgins is a name that most Australians are very familiar with; she’s been a significant figure in the Australian music industry for some time now. We were lucky enough to have a chat with the singer-songwriter in the lead up to her visit to the Coffs Coast as part of the Coming Home Tour at SummerSalt Festival this month. 

Hey Missy. We’re all really looking forward to catching your Coming Home Tour at SummerSalt Festival with the John Butler Trio here in Coffs Harbour! You have toured together before; what’s it like touring with John after all these years?

We’ve played together a lot over the years, but the last time we actually toured together was when I was just starting out. I’d released my first album and he took me on the road as a support artist, which gave me a real leg up in the industry when I was trying to get my own fan base together. It was really fun; his whole touring entourage is like a family, and I definitely felt like I was part of that family. I remember he actually had his kids with him on that tour, which I’m about to do with this one! 

Your family has gone from three to four recently, with the arrival of your daughter last year – congratulations! Has Luna been on tour with you before? How do you find travelling with your little ones?

Thank you. Yes, Luna is five months old and my son, Sammy has just turned four, and they’ll be coming on the road with us. It’ll be the first time I’ve toured with two kids, and it will be Luna’s first ever tour, so I’m sure it’ll be pretty hectic – but it’ll be lovely having them along with me. I’ve toured with Sammy before – we took him all across America – so he’s pretty used to coming into new townships and getting up on stage, singing into the microphone and having a bash on the drums!

You’ve played some big shows in plenty of big cities before. What do you enjoy about getting out on tours like this to more regional areas of Australia?

It’s really fun getting out to the more regional areas, because there’s often a really excited vibe in the air, and the crowd are always really relaxed and super friendly in a small town kind of way. When you go off the beaten track, you really get treated like you’re with family, because I guess not as many acts go through the regional areas as they do in the main cities.

After all the hit songs in your amazing career, what is your favourite song to play live?

At the moment it’s Cemetery, actually, which is a song from my last album. It’s the first song I’ve written that has a full four-on-the-floor bass drum, and it just makes me feel like I want to break out into dance every time I play it – which is fairly unusual for me, because my music is not very dance-able usually! It’s a really nice change, and it’s just really uplifting to play live.

What can people expect from the coming home tour here in Coffs?

Well, I’m bringing my whole band; there are four girls and two guys, so we’ve got a huge wall of harmonies going on, which sounds really amazing. And, we’re going to be playing songs from across all of my albums, because I guess we’re celebrating The Special Ones release, as well as my last album, Solastalgia, so I’ll be playing plenty of oldies, a bit of a retrospective, but also a few of the newer tracks too.

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