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D’Boyzos have been strumming up a storm of late. Focus caught up with the family trio to find out a bit of background about the band.

What style of music do you guys play?

The style of music we play is acoustic. We play mainly cover tunes, consisting of quite a diverse variety of songs from a few different genres from the ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s through to current material. As we are an acoustic trio and don’t use any backing tracks, this can sometimes be quite a challenge, so we sometimes have to improvise with our arrangements and instrumentation (Lee likes to play Kazoo).

Can you tell us a little bit about yourselves?

D’Boyzos are a family trio of musicians from the town of Nana Glen, just outside of Coffs Harbour NSW. Its members are Pete Dyball (the dad), Sam Dyball, age 15 and younger brother Lee Dyball, age 13. In the band Pete sings a few songs and plays the acoustic guitar, as well as keeping the beat with his stomp box and tambourine. Sam is the main lead singer and also plays acoustic guitar, and Lee is our multi-instrumentalist, playing ukulele, bass guitar, harmonica, percussion and kazoo; he also sings a few tunes and covers the majority of harmonies.

How and when was the band formed?

We originally started the band as a fun family activity and a way for the boys to earn some pocket money. We did this by busking, which also helped with honing their talents. The band was formed in early February 2014; after a very small impromptu two song performance one evening at a local market, we were then offered our first ever gig. This was to be a busking gig at the Twilight Food Market down at the Park Beach Reserve in April 2014.

How long have you all been involved in playing music?

Pete has been involved in the music industry for the last 29 years in various capacities, both as a musician and on the technical side of things. He currently works as an Audio Engineer and Tour Manager for, and alongside, some of Australia’s best known artists and tours both nationally and internationally. Being the sons of Pete, both Sam and Lee have grown up in a very musical household environment and have naturally adopted the musical lifestyle; they have both been involved in music in some way from a young age with school productions, as well as singing and playing around in Dad’s home recording studio.

We noticed that the ukulele gets busted out for a few songs; can you tell us a bit about the attraction of using that instrument?

Ahhh the Ukulele … It’s such a happy instrument!

I guess the first attraction to the ukulele was its size and ease of playability for tiny fingers and the easy chord shapes. A good quality ukulele is not very expensive either, so this was really great for the boys; it made it quite quick for them to learn songs and get a grasp of the fundamentals of playing music. The ukulele has such a great unique sound and blends very well with acoustic guitar; it also evokes a sense of happiness.

The band has been getting quite a few gigs and a bit of a following around town; are you feeling more confident with each performance?

Yes, we have been extremely busy over the last 18 months, having clocked up over 150 shows and with each performance, building confidence and musicianship. It’s also important for me, as a parent, to pass my knowledge and skills of music and the industry along to my kids; what better way for me to do that than to put a band together and get out there and have a go!

If you could play a set with any band or musician, who would it be?

Sam says, “Ed Sheeran”; Ed is definitely one of his musical heroes. We have actually been very fortunate already in our short career with this band, having been given some amazing opportunities to support and open up shows for some of Australia’s great musical Artists such as Kasey Chambers, Wendy Matthews, The Black Sorrows, Reece Mastin and Uncle Jed, to name a few.

What are the plans for the future of the band?

At this stage we are very happy playing gigs together and are enjoying ourselves a lot; it really is great family bonding time, and it’s great to watch young talent evolve and blossom. We are also focusing on our songwriting and developing our own original material. Hopefully, this will enable us to expand into different areas of the music scene and for us to start performing at different events such as festivals, where mainly original material is required.

Do you have any gigs coming up where people can check you out at?

Yes, we certainly do!

Feb 20th at Element Bar, Coffs Harbour.

March 4th at Twilight Food Market, Park Beach Reserve.

March 5th at Coffs Harbour Yacht Club.

March 26th at Element Bar, Coffs Harbour.

March 27th at Maclean Hotel.

April 1st at Twilight Food Market, Park Beach Reserve.

April 22nd at Sawtell RSL, supporting Rick Price.

Where can our readers find out more about D’Boyzos?

The best way to find out more about us is to come along to one of our shows – live music needs the support of people going to see it! So be sure to come and say g’day to us! We love interacting and talking with people; it’s fun and exciting to share that experience. We also have a Facebook page for the band that you can like and follow at where we post pictures and videos, as well as all our upcoming performance dates. You can also follow us on Instagram.

For all venue booking enquiries, please contact Sharni at Offbeat Operations Entertainment Agency on (02) 6653 8377.

Thanks guys.

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