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Local girl Opal Witney has taken her passion for fashion to the next level and launched her own clothing line, Frankie Frankston. She tells us more.

Were did your passion come from?

I think from a mix of things. Growing up travelling a lot with the family really opens up your mind – and definitely music and books as well. Seeing other designers and labels also inspires me … I love beautiful clothes, and that is what initially gave me passion to make my own beautiful clothes.

Tell us about the launch of Frankie Frankston and the philosophy behind the line?

We launched Frankie Frankston in 2010 with our first collection, a basic cotton range which did really well. We picked up 8 stockists and also sold on our online boutique. With the latest collection we wanted to use silk, as it is such a beautiful fabric to wear – and with the designs we wanted to make, silk was just perfect.

The philosophy behind Frankie Frankston is to create clothing that is comfortable to wear, affordable and unique. With no demographic, we want to cater to younger and older age groups. We are an Australian label but do like to try and bring in a unique twist, France and Italy … also, Greece have some amazing labels!

Where did the inspiration for your current collection come from?

The inspiration behind the current collection and the future collections has and will definitely come from my travels. The silk collection has a twist of Greece and the Caribbean, mixed with our Australian lifestyle. The current collection definitely has a resort feel and when you put on the gorgeous pieces, you can just imagine yourself floating around a beautiful resort somewhere in the world!

But the joy about the new range is that it can also just be worn lounging around the house or going about your day to day jobs.

What fabrics do you like to work with?

We like to work with natural fabrics, for both comfort and care.

Who are some of your inspirations/mentors/idols in the fashion industry?

My mum started the label with me and has input into the designs and all aspects of the label – she is an amazing help! My rep Rachael is also amazing; she has the most positive outlook on life, and I just love working with her.

Also, Emma Holding, who styled my latest shoot – she also has a positive outlook and is very talented. You really need to surround yourself around positive people and not listen to the negative.

Designer wise, Europe has some great labels. I love supporting fellow Australian labels. I like Bec & Bridge and Ruby Smallbone … Lisa Brown does some beautiful pieces. I admire people who have really worked hard to get where they are.

I also love Gwen Stefani – her label and her fashion presence is amazing. Oh, and Nicole Richie and her clothing label – she does such gorgeous stuff!

What keeps you motivated?

My mum and the drive to create new designs … seeing the end product is very rewarding. Selling the product is also rewarding, but seeing someone wearing one of your creations is the best feeling.

What exciting projects do you have in store for the rest of the year?

That’s a secret! No, I will let you in – the most exciting is designing our next summer 2012, and I’m also planning a couple of trips for inspiration.

And I would also love to build on our stockists and promote the online boutique.

Where are your collections available?

The collections are available for sale in selected boutiques and also online at www.frankiefrankston.com

You can also contact us by email or phone if you have any questions about stocking Frankie.

How can people find out more about Frankie Frankston?

You can like us on Facebook; that way you can see any upcoming news, events or designs.

Thanks Opal.

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