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Peter Williams of Axis Print Solutions tells us about his involvement with the upcoming World Rally Championships.





The Coffs Harbour leg of the World Rally Championships is creeping up on us very quickly, and still many people seem to be oblivious to it. Exactly how big is this event going to be? Think the biggest event that has ever been in town. Take that, and double it – it’s going to be huge!

I agree with you that local businesses and the public in general have been oblivious to the event and to the extraordinary benefits that will flow through our economy by having an event such as this in our region.

Since the Rally Australia Coffs Coast media launch on the 7th of June, I think this has changed. The launch and the media exposure as a result helped raise general awareness of the event across the board. Awareness will continue to grow, as some of the promotional collateral starts to roll out around the region. This event will be massive, with an estimated 20,000 unique visitors to the region in Rally Week and aired on TV to an estimated global audience of 53 million – this is something the likes of Coffs Harbour has never before seen.

It is estimated that the event will inject close to $20 million into our local economy. Obviously local businesses are going to reap the benefits, so how will it impact the different industries? The obvious winners in Rally Week will be hospitality, entertainment and retail sectors. They should expect an amazing week of trade! Of course, don’t forget the industries that support them. The distributors and wholesalers will all benefit just as much.

Let us not forget the flow on effects to the whole community of having that much money injected into our economy. Businesses such as mine prosper when economic activity is high. Also, school holidays start just 2 weeks after the Rally finishes, so it will be a very lucrative period for all the towns in the region.

There are rumours that if we host a successful event this year, we may see World Rally return to the Coffs Coast on a more permanent basis. Is that something you are striving for? Having this event return to the Coffs Coast is not a given. We will have to earn the right to have the FIA and Rally Australia nominate us again for the event in 2013. So how do we earn that right? There must be widespread support from local businesses and the community. We all need to warmly welcome the visitors, drivers and their teams to our beautiful region. As the official print partner, at Axis Print we have set our goal to decorate the towns of the region with a range of indoor and outdoor promotional products, to create an atmosphere that in a very visual sense will show all parties concerned that our region is 100% behind this rally.

The Councils and the major stakeholders are right behind this event in the funding of street decorations and other collateral. If every business, big or small, made an effort to display some symbol of support for the Rally, then the visual impact would be amazing – and we’d certainly be getting that support message out there for all to see. I think ‘blinging up’ the town is one of the most important factors in making this a truly spectacular and successful event, to hopefully have it return in 2013.

We understand that you are helping the committee organise and promote the event. What are your roles?

The role Axis Print Solutions plays as the ‘official partner’ is two pronged. Behind the scenes we’ll be providing Rally Australia with their extensive print requirements for the event. Our main role is that of providing printed and promotional materials to business and the public in the region. This includes a huge array of outdoor and indoor collateral, from bunting and banners, right down to badges and bumper stickers. Also, we’ll be putting together a Rally Pack, made possible by a NSW Government grant, which we will be distributing to 1,500 businesses within the region.

This basic pack includes badges, posters, balloons, bumper stickers and car cut outs. We have 4 staff who will be spending the next 8 weeks working with businesses and bringing our dream of transforming this region into Rally Central, to fruition.

Thanks Peter.


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