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Little Red is one of australia’s hottest bands at the moment. they’ve just released their second album, midnight remember and are about to embark on a national tour, which includes a stop in Coffs Harbour. We catch up with bass player and vocalist Quang Dinh.

> How did Little Red get together?

We first got together as Little Red maybe 4 years ago, but the story goes back a little bit further to when we were in high school together.

We used to have a band, our very first band ever, called ‘Synthascape’; it was kind of at the stage where we were into Radiohead and stuff like that. Kind of depressing music.

Then after that we morphed into this colonial rock band called ‘Boon’, which sounded similar to Nick Cave. Then John went away for a year to Japan, and when he came back a lot of us were on the Beach Boy’s train, and we were learning how to do harmonies.

That kind of influenced the musical direction where we started for our first record.

> You have just recently released your second album, Midnight Remember. What was it like recording this album?

It was great. We recorded it with Scott Moorcroft up in The Grove Studios in Gosford. It was great, because I remember down here in Melbourne was pretty chilly getting into the autumn – and then we got to go up to Gosford. It was like a luxury resort in a way; it was 27 degrees every day, with clear skies. We had a pool and everything, and we were working as well, which was great.

The process was 4 weeks in Gosford at The Grove Studios. Probably half of that was spent working terribly hard, and half of it was spent partying pretty hard.

> How does this album differ from your first one?

Well, in terms of the song writing, I think we matured a little bit and we wanted to step away, not consciously, but it was pretty natural to step away from that ‘60s thing.

We would be pretty bored if we just kept doing that, and it was kind of annoying first time round. People were pigeonholing us already; you only do one album, and they have already pigeonholed you … but that’s the modern industry, I reckon.

I’m just glad that we achieved something quite different, lyrically and sonically. It’s just more spacious with a lot more parts, because we got to record it in 4 weeks. We got to think about it a lot more and would consider other parts that might be necessary.

For instance, there are horns and a lot more percussion on this one, whereas our first album was pretty much live and recorded in 3 days.

> You’re playing at Club Coffs in October. What can your fans expect from the show?

I think a more professional show, because I remember on the first tour we did for the first album, it was pretty much getting drunk and getting wasted before every show. We had this stupid thing called ‘Iron man’, which kind of showed our level of maturity at that stage. It was basically whoever gets the drunkest wins over the course of the tour.

But I think these days we are much more focused on being able to play our instruments properly and only having a couple of quiet beers beforehand. We haven’t done one of these tours in a long while, so the most important thing for us is to remain healthy.

I think the music is just going to be bigger. We have Tom on keyboards now instead of just tambourines from our first album. We are really looking forward to heading to Coffs.

> Have you had any crazy fan moments on tour?

There’s always a few silly stories. Once we invited all these people back to our hotel for a party, and then half way through one of them realised he knew me from somewhere. Apparently I’d pashed his current girlfriend at some stage, and then he decided that the whole group wasn’t going to party with us, so they left. It was just absolute stupidity.

This time around we will be drinking cups of tea and reading literature.

> Finally, if you could have dinner with anyone at all, dead or alive, who would it be?

Man! There are so many people. Maybe John Lennon. I once wanted to get an ‘imagine’ tattoo. It wasn’t really anything to do with John Lennon; I just believe that imagination is something very important for keeping people’s spirits alive. It’s probably the most individual trait to a person.

So I’d just talk to John Lennon about that kind of stuff and about his records, of course. I have this book of lost John Lennon interviews and they are all interesting; they are all like kind of guru philosophy. He’s a guru to me.

> Thank you Quang.

Little Red will be playing at Club Coffs on West High on Wednesday 13 October. For tickets and information, contact the club on 6652 1477.

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