Ride to Work Day

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Ride to work day encourages workers to get on their bikes to experience both the health and environmental benefits of riding instead of driving. With ride to work day on 13 October, we catch up with local ambassador Colleen Mieni to find out more.

>What is the initiative behind Ride to Work Day?

Ride to Work Day in Coffs Harbour this year will kick off a week of events that relate to sustainability – all of which will culminate in a Sustainable Living Festival at the Botanic Garden.

> Why is this event so important?

For two reasons. Firstly, it gets cars off the road, so cycling is great for the environment, and secondly, it promotes fitness (and fun at the same time – a win-win!). It’s great when an event can benefit the environment and be an activity that the whole community can become a part of.

Many people have jobs that are quite sedentary. Cycling is a great way to commute to work safely via the many cycle paths and is a great way to keep fit. What’s even more important, you feel great afterwards!

If we can get as many locals involved as possible, it might just be the little bit of encouragement some of them need to start and maintain a more active lifestyle.

> What is your role as an ambassador for the event?

As someone who loves cycling, I was honoured when I was asked to be an ambassador for Ride to Work Day. Because I love it so much, my role is quite an easy one.

I will be aiming to get as many people as I can to ride to work on October 13, whether they are new to cycling or cycle regularly. It will also encourage people to ride to work in the future – especially coming into the warmer months.

To promote healthy living through physical activity is something I am very passionate about, and cycling is something the whole family can do, and more importantly, do together. It is great fun to go cycling with the kids and spend that quality time together and be active at the same time.

Cycling is also a great solo event, or there are also many cycling clubs in the Coffs Harbour area if you would rather do it in a group environment – a great way to socialise and meet new friends.

The areas in and around Coffs Harbour are great for cycling – either on or off road. I’ve lived in many places, and many of them wouldn’t even look at putting cycle paths in, so I think we are very lucky.

Cycling makes you feel great physically and can be as challenging as you want it to be, depending on how you’re feeling on the day. It makes you feel great mentally, because you are able to switch off from whatever is going on in life and just get lost in the moment.

> What is happening on the Coffs Coast for Ride to Work Day?

This year there will be a free breakfast for anyone taking part in Ride To Work on the morning in City Square from 6.30-8.30am – or riders can choose to end their journey at one of the many cafés in the CBD, plus there will be giveaways and prizes. People can come along before or after their ride.

Council will run a ‘bike bus’ from Toormina Centro Shopping Centre to City Square from 6.30am which people are welcome to join, or they can just come into town on their own or with friends / colleagues.

I will be organising a bike bus from Coffs Harbour at about 6am out to Centro Toormina to meet up with the ‘Toormina bike bus’ and then we’ll head back into town together – great fun!

A great way to start the day. No race, no competition. Just a group of people enjoying the morning on their bikes and having a bit of fun.

Elite riders who do regular early morning rides also get involved and come along after their ride.

There will also be an easy-grade bike ride during the morning around the CBD and Coffs Creek for those people who would like to be a part of the day, but cannot ride from home. This will leave City Square at 7am.

> Thank you Colleen.

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