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Salmonella Dub are joining the line up for the Bello Winter Music Festival. Celebrating 25 years of mashing up original Pacifica fusion, beat heavy dub, reggae, funk, hippity hop and drum and bass, the Dub come armed with their heavy hitting horn section. Be prepared for a serious dancefloor experience with this phenomenal live eight piece band.

Over the years the lineup has changed. Introduce us to who makes up the band now and what roles you all play …

I formed the band with Dave (drums, vocals) and Mark (bass) in 1992. We are still the foundation and core of Salmonella Dub. In 1994, Conan and Pete joined as our horn players, adding percussion and keys. In 1995 Pete left, but came back again in 2003. In 1996 we employed a young Tiki Taane as engineer. He left in 1996 to pursue his solo career. Currently we are an eight piece on stage with a three part powerhouse horn section and MC The Mighty Asterix leading the charge and backing Dave’s vocals.

Membership and Contributors (in chronological order of creative involvement)

Salmonella Dub started rehearsing as a three piece in 1992.

First show was the Westport Racetrack Tea Rooms, Jan 13th, 1993.

Andrew Penman – guitar samples, vocals.

David Deakins – drums, vocals.

Mark Tyler – bass samples.

Marcus Putener – percussion.

Craig Allen percussionist, vocals.

Pete Wood and Conan Wilcox joined in 1994.

Pete Wood – trumpet, trombone, keys and vocals.

Conan Wilcox – tenor sax, percussion and vocals.

Conrad Frankland keyboards on debut album.

Ian McAllister – original mix meister.

Mike Hodgson – producer for Dub Tomfoolery.

David Wernham – live engineer in the mid ‘90s. Drum engineering on One Drop East.

David Harrow – producer THC winter, co- producer for Calming of the Drunken Monkey, Producer of Killervision and Heal Me.

Tiki Taane – live engineer in the ‘90s, co- engineer and mixer of tracks on Calming of the Drunken Monkey, vocals on the track Drunken Monkey. Stage performer and extra vocals acoustic and samples Killervision, Inside the Dubplates and One Drop East, engineer on tracks for Inside the Dubplates. Co-producer for One Drop East.

Paddy Free – Engineer for Killervision producer for Inside the Dubplates, co-producer for One Drop East and Freak Controller, contributing writer and performer on Feel The Seasons Change, performer for Freak Controller.

Ants Smith – co-producer and performer on Freak Controller. Producer and vocals on Same Home Town.

Paul Buchanan – stage guest since 2005. Vocals on Freak Controller.

Guy Benfeild – live engineer.

You’ve released multiple studio albums and EPs, a live album and a remix album, plus a fistful of singles – what’s the secret to continuing to push out great music, and is there any plan for something new in the pipeline?

We have released seven studio albums, three remix albums, a live album with the New Zealand Symphony orchestra, five long play EPs and another eight 4-track remix singles.

Currently we are working on an album, but with our 25th coming up we are focused on compiling the 24 singles we have released, with the view to launching a 25 track pack with a 25th single later this year. Recently we teased the first track off the ranks from our album recordings, called Searching For The Sun:

Individually we are always creating and writing. I guess the secret for us has been to treat our collective writing process like a canvas. There is no one “songwriter”. Everyone gets a chance to throw paint at it, but not everything sticks. Another important key element is we tend to build tracks from the riddum bed up.

A few facts:

Sold 209,925 albums in NZ and over 400,000 CDs and Vinyl 12″s worldwide.

Fourth biggest selling artist in NZ 2000 – 2010

Albums = 8 + 3 remix albums

Mini Albums = 4 (5-7 track EPs)

Catalogue = 161 tunes

Platinum Sales

Killervision x2

Inside the Dubplates x4

Outside the Dubplates x1

One Drop East x2

Heal Me x1

Gold Sales

Calming of the Drunken Monkey

Festival appearances (too many to count … estimates in brackets)

Europe/UK 6 tours 78+ shows (approx 20+ festivals)

Australia 41 tours over 250 shows (100+ festivals)

NZ 50+ tours over 400 shows (150+ festivals … Nile River, Sweet Waters, Xtreme Air, Entrain, all the Gatherings, multiple big Day Outs, many, many Orientations, Home Grown, Phat Outdoors …. the list goes on.)

We are super excited to have you guys on the bill for the Bello Winter Music Festival. What are you looking forward to about being back in Oz?

We love these smaller community festivals. It is always so cool to be able hang with the audience in a relaxed environment and also have the time to check out other artists.

What can we expect from Salmonella Dub’s onstage presence?

As always, we will be bringing an epic bass, heavy, horn led, big dub beat, audio visual journey through our full catalogue. For those who have not seen us with our new horn section, be prepared for the roof to lift and the dancefloor to wobble.

Looking back over the past 25 years, what have been some of the most memorable moments?

Getting asked by Aussies to say “Fush an Chops”.

Almost getting in a bar brawl in Brunswick with a bunch of lads for suggesting Aussie Rules would be far more entertaining if there was a random kangaroo factor – two roos per team.

Getting in an actual bar brawl in Auckland with Paul Kelly and his coloured girls at our gig, ‘cause they were trying to play Aussie rules pool on our pool table!

The Gathering Dance Parties. Seven years of amazing six zone multi genre dance parties! Killer!

What’s your favourite song to perform and why?

 Tomfoolery. It has been in the set since 1994 and apparently was the tune that got Ken West on the dancefloor at the Beach Rd Hotel Bondi in 1998 and is the tune that led us on a merry chase around the OZ BDO circuit.

Any final words you’d like to share with our readers?

Get off Facebook and ya smart ar#e phones! Live life! There is a whole world out here!

Thanks guys.

Dont miss Salmonella Dub at the Bello Winter Music Festival – July 6 – 9.

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