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Here’s a way to add a bright, cheerful, happy vibe to your home, with colourful linen, shoes, bags and clothing. Young Charlotte is the face of Sharnix Designs and along with proud mum Emma, who’s a devoted parent, nursing student and tie dye artist, they create one of a kind designs. You can find Sharnix Designs online, or at the Uptown Markets.

Hi Emma. Whereabouts on the Coffs Coast do you call home, and what do you love most about the area?

The kids and I live in Toormina; we have lived in Coffs or Toormina almost 15 years now. I love everything about the area. The beaches are awesome! The Coffs Coast is not too big, but not too small, so there’s plenty of good shopping, education and health care available.

It’s close enough to Sydney and Brisbane if you have to travel there. National Parks are all around us. There are lots of smaller towns to visit and explore. It’s not too built up! Plenty of sporting and recreational facilities. Have I covered it all? The Coffs Coast is a great place to live!

Tell us a bit about yourself … what is your day job/what are you currently studying?

I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Nursing at Southern Cross University. It’s something I wanted to do many moons ago, before other things took priority, and I’m very glad I can get back to it now. I am about halfway through the degree. It can be quite demanding, so it is great to be able to use the colour and creativity of tie dying to destress.

How did you develop an interest in tie dyeing? 

I have always loved colour, so my daughter and I started tie dyeing about five or six years ago. I still wear some of those first tie dyed items too! We loved it so much, with the colour and amazing designs we could create, that we just kept going, and going, and going, lol. Always something new to try with tie dye! Tie dyeing is now my dearest hobby and a great way to destress and be creative. It’s just awesome having so many bright tie dye clothes, sheets, towels and shoes through the house.

Without giving too many trade secrets away, explain the art of tie dying …

Be prepared to experiment! Love the art of creating! It is that simple. It is art, so there is no right or wrong and everyone is unique, as each item of tie dye is unique. From a technical side, ensuring you have good quality dyes to start with, knowing your basic science with pH levels and chemical interactions, maths for the design aspects, and having an eye for detail do help, but are not necessary to create something awesome!

What types of items do you create?

Anything made from natural fibres like cotton, rayon, viscose, linen etc. can be dyed. Apart from clothing, sheets and towels, I have also dyed shoes, hats, bags and even created tie dye clocks.

What’s the origin of your business’ name, “Sharnix Designs”?

Sharnix is a combination of my children’s names – Charlotte (the face of Sharnix) and Nick. Char-Nick. Sharnix.

How does your business work … Can people supply items of clothing or linen for you to work your magic with, or do you source your own raw materials/fabrics?

I can, and have, dyed natural fibre items provided by people locally. I just like to make sure that people realise every item turns out completely uniquely. While I can create similar, it is never exactly the same as a previous item. Mostly the items I dye I source from wholesalers, to be able to provide the best price possible.

You attend some local markets with your products. At which markets can we find you?

When I am able to spare the time between kids and uni, I can be found at the Uptown Markets on a Sunday. I do try to make sure I am there during school holidays. And it is such a great market, with some great stalls! Being undercover, I don’t have to worry as much about anything being damaged by rain, wind, dirt or salt spray. Plus, there’s plenty of undercover parking.

I post on the Sharnix Facebook page when I will be at the markets.

Where else can we buy your work, or contact you?

Mostly the Sharnix Designs Facebook page:  and the website at:

Thanks Emma.

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