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The last time Jodi Martin visited the East Coast, her tour was a sell out! Jodi’s very excited to revisit the area, as she has some new stories and some new songs to unveil …


Welcome back … What have you been up to since we last caught up?

Touring with the single Saltwater in My Hair has been taking me on some amazing adventures, playing shows from Port Fairy Folk Festival in Victoria to Cairns to Darwin and a regional South Australian tour. I was lucky enough to spend four weeks on tropical Groote Eylandt as well, running songwriting workshops in remote communities and playing a couple of shows there too.

I am loving these regional tours, and my dream is to cover the whole country. I want to play more than just the capital cities with the Saltwater album! I was based in Canada for several years playing music over there, and when I returned to Australia, I stopped touring for a while so I could move back to my hometown to be close to my family through a very difficult time. So being on the road again and reconnecting with my people and my place means a lot to me.

You’re back this October for another tour along the East Coast. Your last tour was sold out … How does it feel to come back to somewhere after having such a great first encounter with the area?

It is very special to be back, for many reasons – particularly because the Mid to North Coast of NSW is like a second home to me, as it is where I came of age as an artist at 19 and found my voice. On my January tour here, the people were amazing and made me feel so welcome to be back on every level. It’s important to me to honour that.

What made you decided to come back so soon?

What I am loving the most about being back on the road is connecting with people – from friends who have known me for the longest time to new ones. I turn my raw life experiences into songs, and it’s amazing to share these with people who have gone through similar things in life, and get to hear their stories as well. It’s a really special thing, and I don’t want to leave it too long before I see everyone again.

I am also coming back on a promise! It was really fun to have audiences voting on songs during the last tour… At every show, people voted for which song they wanted to be the next single and music video to be released. The clear winner was Diesel, with 11 out of 12 shows winning the Diesel vote! Although I’m not releasing the single yet, I have already made the video and in response to people’s votes, I want to give them the sneak preview by screening the video at the shows on this tour!

What can our readers expect for this show?

A subtle change is that there is more music and less talking this time around. Of course, stories are an important part of a Jodi Martin show, and I will always make sure that the strongest and funniest stories get told. Actually, one of these stories is about a near-death experience which was one of my most embarrassing moments ever – and it actually happened on my last tour here, near Coffs Harbour. I love telling this humbling true story to have a good laugh – and it’s also a great philisophical lesson for life!

I am really excited about unveiling some brand new songs on this tour as well. These are songs that have been born on the road as I’ve been touring the first single Saltwater in My Hair around the country. In the last few years leading up to this album I’ve faced some big losses, and as the tour has gone on, I have realised that there is more to say than I initially thought. More songs have been flowing out to become the soundtrack of this chapter of my life.

What are your plans after your tour is complete?

After the next couple months of touring, including the Great Ocean Road tour in November/December 2015, I plan to take some time out with family, hit the beach, reflect some more and do some more writing which will come from these coming dates.

The new Saltwater album was birthed after a very tough couple of years, where I faced a great deal of loss – most painfully being the loss of my brother. Initially I thought I had finished the Saltwater album, and said everything I wanted to say. But the more I’ve gone on, the more I’ve realised how much this record has affected me. As I’ve talked with people about their own experiences, I now know there is more to say before I close this chapter.

I’m currently back in the studio with Shane Nicholson recording one of these new songs and knowing there’s more I need to say about the Saltwater story, I can say that the record will be re-released some time next year, with the second chapter. And for anyone who has bought it in its current incarnation, they will be able to access free downloads of whatever shape this takes.

Thanks Jodi.

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