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I hope you are getting excited! It’s all about racing in the next couple of months, whether it is Race Days or Rallies, we have two great racing events to look forward to. The Carlton MID Coffs Harbour Gold Cup and of course, the Coffs Harbour Leg of the World Rally. People from far and wide will be making the Coffs Coast the place to be, and the area is going to buzz with excitement. Rally is definitely one of the most challenging motorsport competitions in the world, and it is happening here on the Coffs Coast! It’s going to be fantastic!

What amazes me is how these events are organised, put together and pulled off. So as I usually have a little topic running through my column, this one is touching on how you have to be organised to … well, pull anything off really. So with that in mind, I decided to try and get everyone in the family to remember stuff and be more organised!

Actually it was Kim (our Editor’s) fault! Her quote for last month’s issue was “The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.” by Coco Chanel, and it all started from there …

Whether it is the man or the woman of the house, someone has to be the organiser and the rememberer (is that a word? It needs to be!) Anyway, I pulled the short straw! The husband remembers some stuff, the son remembers very little (head full of hormones) and below zero registers on the teenage richter scale!

So I have this job, and it’s not on my most fun things to do list. The trouble is, I am informed, is that I like to announce and talk about what I am about to do or what we should be doing. Things like: must remember to pay the electricity, water, mortgage, school fees etc. or I will say out loud “Now … (trying to making it sound like fun) If we all attack the garden, the garage, son’s bedroom or in fact, everywhere a bit every day, we will get it all done.”

GREAT PLAN! No one wants to hear about it! And to add insult to injury, the son topped it by making this bold comment: “MUM, you talk too much!” True, but a very dangerous move! Then he added, “Why do you have to tell us everything that needs to get done and what you are looking for? It’s like being on the LATE SHOW WITH CAROLE BEROS!” Now I won’t tell what I said, because this is a family publication … but it wasn’t pleasant! And he did run!

Going back to great events that take an enormous amount of organising … the skies cleared and the sun shone on the day of the Sawtell Chilli Festival – a fiesta of colour combined with the bustle of locals and tourists from far and wide. First Avenue was a feast for the eyes and for the palate. Stalls, entertainment and tasty chilli temptations were in abundance. Everyone had come to the party, from one end of the street to the other – from Keli’s girls from First Avenue Boutique to Sawtell Paradise Fruit, where boxes of hot chillies were for sale along with the usual goodies.

Do not forget to purchase your tickets for the fabulous High Tea and Fashion Show, which is being staged by Parry’s Jewellers. It’s happening on 18 September at the Novotel Pacific Bay Resort, and the proceeds go toward the Early Childhood Intervention Program. Last year’s event was a huge success and it’s sure to be just as amazing this year, with a fashion parade, raffles and a silent auction … not to mention the scrumptious appetisers! For information, call Deborah on 0409 337 212.

For the Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter 007 Ball, guests entered the C.ex Coffs ballroom, martinis in hand. The room was oozing Bond appeal, and large posters of the man himself decked the walls. Once seated at the Le Dain Designs ‘Diamonds are Forever table’ we were treated to some hysterical entertainment from the MC Nick Penn, and a game of “Have you ever …” had us learning all kinds of saucy things about the other guests! A delicious dinner was served, accompanied by bubbles and fine wines! Jewells from Le Dãin Designs went to Best Dressed Lady Kymberlei Goodacre, second prize went to Kate O’Neil, and Best Dressed Couple went to Chris and Kerry Hines from UnReal Estate. A live auction was held, and well needed funds were raised for the Westpac Lifesaver Helicopter. The night was topped off with the rocking sounds of the band SOUL’D, who got us all up and dancing.

On another note, Lake Russell Gallery is currently showing a ‘Best of The Very Best’ mixed Storeroom Exhibition and featuring artists as diverse as Joanna Burgler, Joseph Frost, Susan Sheridan, Barry Dengate, Gunda Loebau and Brian Stratton, with some selected works by Ken Delzoppo and Narelle Telford. The Gallery is open from 10am until 5pm, Tuesday to Sunday, so take the opportunity to visit this Tropical Oasis on the banks of Lake Russell. While there, sample the homemade cakes and lunches available from the Gallery Café/Coffee Shop.

The Coffs Harbour Music Society is proud to present a night with Cameron Roberts, which will be held at the Coffs Harbour Education Campus on 29 July. Cameron is an Australian born pianist and is recognised as a highly talented artist. He performs on a regular basis in Australia, England and Spain as a soloist and is gaining success as a composer, arranger and performer internationally. For information on this evening, call Robin on (02) 6658 8908.

For another kind of musical treat, if you are a lover of Australian Folk Music, make your way to Sawtell RSL for a night with folk musician Eric Bogle. The Club has a constant stream of entertainment available and if you have never tried their Seafood Smorgasbord Carvery on Friday or Saturday nights, you are definitely missing out.

Staying on the topic of all things musical, I simply couldn’t write this column without congratulating our very own rising star Jesse Emmanuel for making it through to the Semi Finals of Australia’s Got Talent. Well done Jesse: we are proud of you.

Seasons Boutiques held a VIP Cocktail Evening to welcome in the new owner, Tara English. Kay Ryan, the Store Manager, had dressed the boutique with a French Twist. Nestled next to a jewel adorned Eifel Tower, enjoying canapés and a glass of bubbles, you couldn’t help but enjoy yourself.

Of course I am biased, as the boutique stocks Le Dãin Designs exclusively, and this was also the launch of the Luxurious Collection. Guests then got to treat themselves to the super bargains available for one night only. A great night to welcome the new owner and choose something fabulous for the races. Girlie time to the max!

The 2011 Grafton xxxx Gold July Racing Carnival was yet again a massive event on the North Coast. Now, I know it’s Grafton, but the major sponsor for the Sunday ladies day was Coffs Coast Prestige, our local dealers for Mercedes-Benz and Alfa Romeo. Beautiful weather graced the track, and we hear it was one of the biggest days the Racing Club has had in a while! It certainly was a great warm up for our own Coffs Harbour Racing Carnival!

A small farewell night was held recently to say goodbye to the effervescent Samantha Wardman, Marketing Manager for the C.ex Group and one of the main organisers for the Tubby’s fundraisers. She’s leaving us for a while and flying to the Big Apple … look out New York! She is one of those women who can multitask to the extreme, has a wicked sense of humour and a heart of gold! She will be missed, I am sure. Have a more than fantastic time Sam!

Now to return to the outcome of the son’s brave remarks. Below is a list of what I won’t be saying out loud and remembering to do in the future:

Question: Where are my socks, underwear, uniforms, well … entire wardrobe, actually!

Outcome: Men in odd socks, strange clothes and teenager sent home from school for turning up in old batman costume (the last of the clean clothes).

Question: Did you remember to send my mother, father, sister and entire family BIRTHDAY CARDS?

Outcome: In the @@#% with the whole family for the entire year. Good luck with that!

Question: Did you remember to pay the electricity, water bill and go shopping?

Outcome: Sitting in the cold with the son and the cat in the dark, eating cheese and crackers, and playing snap by candlelight when it’s State of Origin night.

Now what late show was I on again?

Here’s to all the organisers and rememberers.


Le Dãin Designs.

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