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At Focus we like to share the love with other media from the local area. Recently we caught up with the crew from Southern Cross Austereo, to find out more about them and what they do.

Name: Chris Grieve.

Position: General Sales Manager.

Why have you chosen the Coffs Coast?

My question to you is, why not?

Coffs Harbour is one of the most beautiful places on the eastern coastline, with so much commercial opportunity and marketing potential. It brings together everything I am passionate about in alignment with a lifestyle that can’t be beaten.

How long have you worked in sales, and what do you love most about the media industry?

I have been in sales for over 12 years, with my experience ranging from retail through to selling houses. Four years ago I was lucky enough to start working within the media industry for Southern Cross Austereo and have never looked back. It was here where I found my passion.

Why do think it is important to support local business with media solutions?

Typically, we are dealing with small to medium businesses that the owner works in every day, where every dollar is crucial. Therefore, it is imperative that we are able to provide a tailored solution to attract their potential customers and maximise their return on investment. Too often I have seen people get caught up in the fluff of marketing; they buy on emotion, and hence it’s not a logical marketing solution that will benefit their business.

What are you passionate about?

Ask my team, and they would say sales. Besides that I love music, the beach and spending time with friends. I have performed gigs as a soloist for eight years and love to bring my passion and love of music to those around me. In 2008 I watched Aussie legend Diesel play. At the end of his set, he said some profound words, “Music is good therapy” and I couldn’t agree more.

Name: Lockie White.

Position: Commercial Content Producer.

Why have you chosen the Coffs Coast?

That’s easy; the people and the lifestyle. Everybody in the Coffs Coast community are down to earth and friendly; it’s a great change from the rat race I’m used to in Sydney! I also feel that the Coffs Coast is growing at such a rate that it now feels like a cosmopolitan city in itself, with so much to offer culturally and professionally.

How long have you worked in the production industry, and what do you love most about production?

I’ve been in the production industry for about 20 years. I’ve worked across many facets of the industry and love working with different people in different places – it keeps things interesting and fluid. The thing I love the most about production is the satisfaction gained from producing meaningful content for business owners and driving their success as well.

Why do think it is important to have a quality TV commercial?

Establishing your brand identity is paramount. Making sure all graphics, fonts and imagery are aligned with your print advertising is key to achieving cut through with your brand recognition. People may not want to buy your product immediately, but if you can ensure they remember your branding, you’ll be top of their mind when they’re ready to purchase.

What’s your favourite thing about working for Southern Cross Austereo?

Once again, the people! We have a great team, not only in Coffs Harbour but also across Australia. There is an immense amount of support from the whole team, whether it be from Canberra, Newcastle, Gold Coast or even Port Macquarie. We are driven by our success in the marketplace and enjoy being the number one provider of entertainment across Australia.

Name: Greg Laws.

Position: Social Media Digital Specialist.

What has been the most satisfying achievement in your life?

That’s easy. For me, it was being a part of the whole birth process, not only bringing a new life into this world but having the opportunity to do so with my own hands. Men need to be involved, see what a woman goes through and stand in awe; it is an achievement we as men will never understand, yet it can still be one of the most satisfying to be part of.

I hear you once dragged your family across the middle of Australia in 42 degree heat with an eight week old baby. Why?

Ha ha … To get to the other side! … I have always been adventure bound, and it seemed like a good idea at the time. I like to challenge myself, whether that be in business, my career or personally. I also like to teach my kids how to achieve goals, whilst having fun doing so. Besides that, collecting different coloured red dirt was definitely a drawcard.

So, explain this digital thing …

Well for starters, it’s not new and it’s not just the internet. Digital technologies have been around since 1948. Digital media is about embracing digital technologies and leveraging them in such a way as to communicate, engage and respond to the dynamically changing consumer market space. Putting it simply, digital enables everyone to connect to anybody, anywhere in the world … instantly!

If we did this again a year from now – celebrating how amazing the year was – what would this look like, and what would we have achieved together?

I guess I would be answering different questions for starters. But OK, what did we achieve:

1. Digital acceptance within the community. Workshops and consulting.

2. The larger population of small business embracing digital and social, with evident increase in business wealth.

3. SCA Digital Banner recognised as the leader in regional and national digital media advertising.

4. Dramatic increase in the Coffs Coast regional digital footprint.

Thanks guys.

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