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The Coffs Harbour Boardriders Club has recently opened their very own clubhouse and training facility – an exciting new addition that will really help support their members to train to their full potential. We spoke to Bryn Goode about the new facility and what it means to the club and its members.

Hi Bryn. Can you tell us about CHBRC and how long it’s been operating on the Coffs Coast? 

The Hoey Moey Coffs Harbour Boardriders Club is one of the longest running clubs in Australia, having been an integral part of the Coffs Coast surfing community since 1965.

After a successful 50th reunion celebration, presented by Wayne “Rabbit” Bartholomew, the club was further recognised on the national stage with the prestigious honour of being named Boardriders Club of the Year for 2016.

The club has a simple but strong ethos:

“We are a strong, proud family club with a focus on building great friendships and future champions”.

How many members do you have at the moment?

We run at about 200 to 220 members throughout the year.

What kind of age groups and ability levels are there amongst your members?

This year we have introduced a six and under division; this is really aimed at giving these tiny grommies a go and involving them and Mum and Dad to be a part of the club.

This then goes through to Junior and Open Girls through to the old fossils, the over 45s – which is a very competitive division after the “deep heat” kicks in!

2018 has been quite exciting for you! You have recently opened a club house for CHBRC members. Tell us a little about the new building.

This year we purchased our very own club house, an achievement very few clubs throughout Australia can boast and a facility that will ensure the club’s future growth. The club house will serve as our very own training and development centre, fully equipped with state of the art training and video analysis equipment.

What can the members expect from the new club house?

We are starting the training in the next couple of months, when our trainers are fully qualified. There will be different sessions a week for juniors and seniors. We will be possibly running alternate groups at least twice a week to get maximum benefit.

How does a training facility help surfers out of the water, and what do the training programs involve?

Basically, flexibility and core strength are major parts of performance surfing for both in the water and maintaining good, strong posture through general life.

What sort of equipment do you provide at the club house, and how do you use it to train with members?

So far to date we do surf coaching twice a week that is broken up into two divisions in age groups (micro groms and groms). With the new training facility we have, this will be a base for strength and core development to help the up and coming surfers with power and flexibility.

This is kicking off in the next couple of months and will be a fully supervised and set program kind of training schedule, so each person can really focus on the parts they need to improve on. Even for the older club members we will be running sessions to stay in shape and work on core fitness.

What are some of the success stories that have come from members of the CHBRC?

We have got some great past world stage surfers who are still involved with the club, from Lee Winkler, Shaun Cansdell, Jayke Sharp, Billy Kean, Mark Williams, Maddison Williams, Heath Joske and so on. Some of our more recent achievements include:

CHBC Team Results

  • Australian Boardriders Club of the Year in 2016
  • 1st Place Sailor Jerry Global SurfTag – Seniors
  • Winner – Kirra Junior Challenge “Club Spirit Award”
  • 2nd Kirra Teams Challenge – Seniors
  • 3rd Kirra Teams Challenge – Juniors
  • 3rd Australian Boardriders Battle North Coast

CHBC Individual Results

  • Carly Shanahan – winner of Billabong Pro Junior, Bali
  • 4 X Junior CHBC members qualifed for Australian Junior Titles (club record)
  • Ethan Stocks – winner Billabong Occy Grom Comp
  • 6 x CHBC junior surfers selected for Hurley High Performance Camp, Jan 2018

Can you tell us a bit about the volunteers who help run the club and what it is they do?

We have a great committee that put in a massive effort to run the club. Also over the years there have been some great efforts to help shape the club it has become today.

We acknowledge these efforts by inducting Life Members from time to time and also have a Club Person of the Year.

Like every club, our committee has everyone from Presidents through to the Cooking Committee and everyone in between, from Secretaries to Treasurers. Every role is important, and our committee is 110% committed.

With the addition of the new club house, what are some of the plans for CHBRC heading into the future?

Just to continue to build a great, strong family club that’s main focus is to take future talent to its highest level and offer support for all the surfers trying to make it to the big league.

Where can we find out more about CHBRC?

Jump on our website – 

Or find us on Facebook or Instagram.

Thanks Bryn.

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