The Preatures Girlhood

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After a turbulent 12 months, the Preatures have released their new album, “Girlhood”. FOCUS chats to guitarist and producer Jack about the new record and their impending FOTSUN gig …

You’ve just dropped your new album, Girlhood. Tell us about the writing process; is this a bit of an insight into Izzy’s womanhood and growing up?

Yes, that’s definitely part of it. I was very conscious of what Izzy was needing to work through as a woman, as a songwriter, as a person in this part of our lives, and part of being a group and a partner in a creative force. It was really clear to me that she needed to say a lot of these things and write down a lot of this stuff.

It’s also about us growing up together as a unit, all the experiences that we shared in this city and all the music that we’ve witnessed and shared together and the things we continue to share, all the things that happened in the last four years – it’s a pretty big time for togetherness, but also the vacuum that you get into when you’re touring a record.

We work so hard and are so fortunate that all that hard work gave us all of this time to run the record Blue Planet Eyes out, but also gave us the time to write Girlhood. I think it’s cumulative – just a reflection of a lot of things that have passed, in what’s really not a very long period of time.

Being a producer as well as the band’s guitarist, how do you balance the two?

By just keeping my sh*t together. It’s got a lot to do with knowing what not to do sometimes. I didn’t need to whip the band on this album; I needed to be really mindful of the fact that there was a big idea that we were all trying to write out, and to make sure there was enough room for us to be able to explore that, but also to be able to push our identity as a recording group as a band on record … Because the first album was a blip – it just happened.

I think in a lot of ways it wasn’t a wholly reflective thing to do; it was like, get in there and do it and get on the road. And with this album I definitely wanted to make sure and pushed for us having a little bit more time to do it.

It has come with heaps of responsibility – a lot of that has to do with nurturing pain and wrestling with difficult emotions and difficult situations … Things that cannot necessarily be described as pleasant. But on the whole, making records is the coolest thing – just its greatest challenge is keeping focused – especially over 12 months.

Having prior experience with the recording process, one could say you’re quite seasoned now. How did you find the recording process this time round, as opposed to previous times in the studio?

This one was a real endurance record in terms of a lot of things. We weathered a lot of emotion, we weathered a member leaving, we weathered a lot of change, we weathered a pretty serious injury in the band. We weathered a lot of things that might be considered setbacks, but really, what they were is great opportunities for change, and I think part of what I’m really good at is being very in the moment.

I’m also a big picture person, and I can never really take my eyes off the distance, I guess, and for me I always envisaged that this record would help us evolve to those things. It was obvious that we were going to have to face that and the writing was going to reflect that, whether we were aware of it or not.

My whole focus for this album was to elevate what we’ve already created and give it another series of layers of depth or meaning or purpose, and for it to be OK for us to spend some time being able to walk away and reflect on it.

You’re finishing up the year playing at FOTSUN. What are you looking forward to about being a part of our sellout festival?

Exactly that! We’ve heard a lot about it and think it’s one of those dates you kind of hope you’ll get asked to do. It’s a really cool festival, and we’re excited to get there and see our friends, to get amongst it and just cap our year off in a good way!

Thanks Jack.


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